It’s one thing for politicians to shade the truth or spin reality to their benefit. And it’s quite another to develop and promote a completely false conspiracy theory meant to frighten and mobilize their own base against political opposition.

We saw the horror of that when not just politicians, but the government itself, engaged in one of the more obscene and destructive and dangerous conspiracy theories meant to overturn a presidential election. The Russian Dossier Hoax and the organized effort to oust Donald Trump, a duly-elected president, by smearing him as a Russian spy and operative, is one of the most shameful and troubling events in governmental history.

Their new bizarre fever dream conspiracy involves the president “sabotaging” the U.S. Postal Service to allegedly thwart the ability of Americans to vote. Strangely, that would also “thwart” the ability of his own supporters to vote, something no one promoting this ridiculous circus cares to mention.

This comes in the midst of the Democrats furiously trying to institute a universal mail-in election scheme. Unlike absentee voting, where the voter specifically requests the ballot to be sent, confirming the actions with a signature and known address, the Democrats’ scheme involves mass-mailing ballots to everyone who is on voter registration lists and having them mass-mail them back, or the ballots would be “collected” by third parties for delivery.

What could go wrong? Everything, if we are to take seriously the disasters unfolding right now in cities that implemented similar plans in the primary elections. But the Democrats say this is necessary because the coronavirus has made it too dangerous to vote in person at a polling place.

But even the much-revered Dr. Anthony Fauci says there’s absolutely no reason why people can’t vote in person at the polls.

Now the Democratic conspiracists are claiming that the president is removing the blue metal mailboxes around the country specifically to keep people from voting. The paranoia this is generating amongst the left is predictable.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis posted a photograph on Twitter of a postal truck on the back of the flatbed tow truck, alarmingly stating, “I swear, in broad daylight, the driver of the red truck had a red cap on with white letters. Conspiracy? Outright attempt at stealing the election by denying the access of the @USPS? Let’s not let it happen! @JoeBiden.”Another Twitter user with almost 1 million followers and calling himself Rex Chapman, tweeted a photo of locked blue metal mail boxes at a post office. He commented, “Burbank California: in your entire life have you ever seen a LOCKED mailbox at the USPS? Now you have. A disgrace and immediate threat to American democracy shame on them. Shame on the GOP…”

The allegation, of course, is ridiculous as Robbie Starbuck noted on Twitter in response, “This is entirely wrong. The mailboxes were retrofitted to prevent theft in 2016 because they had experience so many robberies. Thanks again for confirming that there are reasons to be concerned about mail theft from the USPS though!”

Others noted on the platform that in their own communities various mailboxes have been locked for years due to the overriding problem in Los Angeles of mailboxes being robbed with the content being used to facilitate identity theft.

Nowhere in this charade is anyone mentioning the fact that if you do need to mail a ballot or anything else, the mailperson who delivers mail to your home also takes the mail you want to send. But why muck up a great conspiracy theory with … facts?

Yet we are also bombarded with headlines like this from the Los Angeles Times: “Trump’s attack on the Postal Service now endangers democracy.” Back on Planet Earth, the fact is Mr. Trump’s administration is attempting to reform the post office as it is attempting to do so with every failing agency or entity the federal government is funding.

Over at, Nick Harper reports the “USPS estimated in the spring that they would have an estimated $13 billion budget shortfall (compared to a $9 billion shortfall in fiscal year 2019).”

There are a lot of interests at stake here, and this comes down to an entity that needs to be reformed. That means more accountability and changes in operating procedure. Enter the National Association of Letter Carriers. “Postal carriers union endorses Biden, warns ‘survival’ of USPS is at stake; The endorsement comes after the president’s resistance to Postal Service funding amid his fight against expanded mail in voting.”

This conspiracy-laden NBC headline tells you everything you need to know.

The union for postal workers has thrown their lot in with one of the presidential candidates. In addition to all the other concerns, to allow our election and its integrity and security to be placed in the hands of an entity that has pledged its partisan allegiance to one of the candidates would be equivalent to having the DNC manage the entire voting process.

We have watched over these past several years with every agency — ranging from the FBI, to the VA, to the State Department, to even the White House bureaucracy — fight tooth and nail against a president to prevent reforming this government into one that works for the American people instead of for itself.

This is another one of those fights, but is now being twisted into a conspiracy theory and weaponized against the American people. Why? Because they can’t win on the issues and they know it.