Today, Independent Women’s Voice and Patients for Real Prices greater than $100,000 media buy to run on Fox News Nationally and in the Washington, DC market during the RNC convention and during top shows on cable news like Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity, and Lou Dobbs Tonight.

The TV ad launches the same day as IWV’s new pledge, the Patient Protection Pledge for lawmakers, candidates, and constituents to join together to show their support for healthcare price transparency.


Do you want to know upfront, real prices in health care? Nearly ninety percent of Americans do. The President is leading the fight for system wide healthcare price transparency. Help the president protect your health and hard earned dollars. Tell Congress to do their job and require healthcare price transparency Join Carbery.

[Carbery Cambell, teacher, Had COVID test +$6,5000 medical bill] I went in for a free COVID test and weeks later was slammed with a six thousand five hundred dollar medical bill. Tell Congress to protect patients like me now