Right on cue liberal women’s groups came out swinging against Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s nominee for justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The fear and anger porn of the left is expected of course. Their complaints, still surround abortion rights as they smear Judge Barrett as someone who will “turn back the clock on equality,” by repealing Roe v. Wade and further she will “shred the Affordable Care Act,” blared the increasingly out-of-touch and irrelevant National Organization for Women.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund went so far as to say that nominating Judge Barrett was a “particular insult to the legacy of Justice Ginsburg,” Fox News reported.

Any nominee who was not steeped in liberal dogma would face the same “charge.” Their press releases and pearl clutching could have been written years ago, as no matter who the nominee, the goal would be to cancel and purge based on emotional terrorism and false accusations. We saw what the Democrats were capable of with Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, so it’s not surprising they’re attempting to smear Judge Barrett with falsehoods equally obscene.

The real story here is Judge Barrett is not just fit for the Supreme Court, she is actually the perfect representative for the legacy of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The small-minded liberal women’s groups have grown lazy and predictable relying on the perpetual “abortion is at stake!” (it’s not) false alarm. In the meantime, they have forgotten that we’re real and informed women living in the 21st century, being harangued by the same fear-mongering strategy being used to manipulate us (send that money!) for decades. Now, their ignorance and lack of curiosity about the dreams and capabilities of the average American woman has turned embarrassing.

When Justice Ginsburg began her career, she had to carve her own path and face down those who condemned her because she dared to want something different than what the status quo demanded of her. She worked and fought to be able to make choices in life that best suited her.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the nomination of Judge Barrett who is, ironically, in a very similar position. She faces judgment, smears, resistance and condemnation by warped American liberals and the typically intolerant left for daring to not conform. She has committed the crime of having chosen a life and philosophy not understood by nor sanctioned by the American Democratic machine.

Make no mistake, Judge Barrett is exactly who Justice Ginsburg and every other genuine feminist should recognize as a symbol of our success — if you actually were hoping women would be free to be themselves.

Justice Ginsburg’s work helped to make it easier for women to pursue their dreams, especially when society tells them otherwise, yet Judge Barrett is facing judgment from the liberal chattering class for being a working mother with questions from the left about her ability to be a professional woman and still be able to properly care for her children. Perhaps they should just be yelling at her to stay in the kitchen.

She has come under attack, in a public hearing from a sitting U.S. senator, with suspicious questions about her faith. Legacy media brings up her Catholicism as though it is a dangerous thing, as is her relationship with God and its influence on her life.

In addition to trying to indict Judge Barrett because of her faith, her family, one “influencer” calls into question her intentions by adopting two children from Haiti, declaring it a version of “White colonialism.” That, of course, is obscene and an affront to everyone who has adopted, seeing and loving children for who, not what, they are.

Justice Ginsburg would recognize this grotesque attempt to destroy a woman because she dares to be her own person. All of us have watched the growing intolerance among the left now manifesting as religious bigotry and now misogyny.

Ultimately, Judge Barrett is the most obvious person to ascend to the Supreme Court in the wake of Justice Ginsburg. This 48-year-old mother of seven thrust into national scrutiny, is a woman we all recognize. You may not agree with her judicial philosophy, you may have made very different choices than she has in life, and your family may look different, but she is all of us in that she made choices that best suited her. She now faces an American machine determined to destroy her, bizarrely, in the name of defending Ruth Bader Ginsburg and women everywhere.

While there is much work to do, being condemned as a woman for not conforming to what others demand of you is one of the most familiar experiences most every woman on this planet has had. Now it is the American left, the Democratic Party and their mouthpieces, once again, moving along the misogynistic line to condemn and cancel a woman because she dares to be different.

The real reminder in all of this is that we’re all Amy Coney Barrett. We all want to live lives that best suit us. We all want to have a chance to pursue our dreams. We would all love to reach the pinnacle of our professions but we at least want to be able to try without fear of destruction.