In a year-end vote that wasn’t controlled by the Democratic Party machine or reliant on inscrutable mail-in ballots, President Trump has been voted the nation’s most admired man for 2020 in Gallup’s annual poll.

This is the first time Mr. Trump has achieved the top spot in the poll. Last year, he tied with former President Obama who had enjoyed the No. 1 spot for a remarkable 12 years.

This Gallup result is likely the last 2020 reminder by Americans of how much Mr. Trump is not just admired, but appreciated.

And what about the man we are supposed to believe received more votes than former President Barack Obama in the 2020 presidential election? Expected to be confirmed as president-elect on Jan. 6, Joe Biden came in a basement third with 6% of the vote for most admired. Byron York on Twitter tells us the Gallup Poll found just 13% of Democrats named the expected president-elect. But sure, he received the most votes in the history of the republic in the 2020 election.

Keep in mind, this poll comes during a year where Mr. Trump has endured the worst the swamp had to throw at him. Like every year before this one, he has faced lies, wildly absurd accusations and a Democratic Party willing to use a pandemic to ruin the economy simply to harm the president’s chances at reelection.

Social and legacy media either directly censored him, refused to cover him or lied about his activities, his work and success.

Despite all of this, the more than 74 million votes Mr. Trump won in the Nov. 3 election was the most received by an incumbent president running for reelection ever. The president continues to assert that he won that election, and this columnist, like tens of millions of other Americans, agrees with him.

As we head into 2021, the Electoral College runaway train is on its track to confirm Mr. Biden as the election winner, something that is likely irreversible despite the efforts of many to challenge what was an obviously flawed and disturbing process in certain swing states. Runaway trains are not good — the train itself is familiar and on a known track, but it is out of control, and the ending is never good. Just because you’re in motion doesn’t mean the cliff should be ignored.

Yet, the troubling election result facing America’s most admired man should not be surprising. Mr. Trump won in 2016 because the American people recognized the fraud of the establishment as a whole. How many more times would people of both parties be voting for “the next in line” and put up with the inevitable disaster?

Endless wars continue, our jobs and companies moving to other countries, and our work dissolving from careers with which you could raise a family, to the catastrophe of delivering pizzas at night.

Did Mr. Trump have a magic wand to bring jobs back to our nation, as Mr. Obama mockingly asked during the 2016 campaign? There was no magic deployed by Mr. Trump; there was simply a love for and a belief in the American people and the U.S. Constitution. It was also the determination of a man who had the passion and drive to recognize and elevate the forgotten man and woman.

For us to have been correct about how deep the rot was and is in our establishment, the entire system would have to array itself against Mr. Trump in 2020 and resort to the illegitimate to prevail. After all, with what we have seen over the last four years, engaging in corruption is not the last thing the swamp is willing to do; it seems to be the first.

Whatever happens in January 2021, Donald Trump will remain the most powerful man in the world. How that manifests relies on the choices he makes. If he does not prevail in his fight for reelection by daring to call out the corrupt system as he has been doing for the last four years, his options are many, including a shadow government making sure the left is not allowed to force this nation back on her knees.

The GOP won’t have the spine or courage to confront and freeze the Democrats and their leftist overlords. Mr. Trump, his family and their 74 million voters will know exactly how to engage the socialist menace.

The Georgia runoff election for their two Senate seats on Jan. 5 will also make the difference of whether or not the Democrats once again set the country on fire.

The Senate runoff, while it is two Republicans versus two Democrats, is really nonpartisan in nature. This is about whether or not the success of Mr. Trump’s last four years, which lifted everyone in this nation, will remain. Economic prosperity, energy independence, Middle East peace and holding tyrannical entities like Iran, Russia and China to account are on the ballot in that great Southern state.

We know Georgians do not want to go back to the days of living on our knees while our “leaders” bow to tyrants around the world. The entire nation loses when that miserable and “America Last” mentality is calling the shots. Georgians will start 2021 by voting as if their lives and futures depends on it. Because it does. For all of us.

• Tammy Bruce, president of Independent Women’s Voice, author and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk-show host.