Nothing the Democrats say these days is surprising, and is usually based in fantasy or lies. Like after getting shellacked in the 2020 down-ballot congressional races, losing several seats and crushing the Democratic majority into a razor-thin margin, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nonetheless declared they had received a “mandate” from the voters.

Sure, a mandate that said “This is the first step to stripping away any authority you people have. The second step completing the job of firing you will be in 2022.”

The most recent reminder of the Democrats’ commitment to fantasy to fuel their narrative is the media dutifully announcing the Biden team’s spin that the supposedly incoming president will make history with the first all-female led communications team.

This was a remarkable statement to make, moved along by The Washington Post and others, because it was false on its face and delivered by people who knew the actual truth. It was called out by many conservatives who reminded the media that they, in fact, have been working with President Trump’s all-female led communications team for quite some time.

Why the rank absurdity of claiming something that was untrue? This is obviously an ongoing problem with the Democrats, and the political establishment in general, but in this case it reveals the rot at the core of the Democratic Party and the scourge of the identity politics they rely on so ferociously.

The left is so invested in their false “narrative” of being the only advocates and champions for women, protecting them from the bad and evil conservatives, they literally refuse to acknowledge the reality of the success of independent and conservative women within the Trump administration.

Even when called out with the facts of the matter, the handmaidens of the left refuse to see what’s right in front of them. Kayleigh McEnany called out The Washington Post’s claim by tweeting, “President @realDonaldTrump already has an ALL FEMALE Senior White House Press Team. So does @VP… So does @FLOTUS… So does @SecondLady… The completely DISCREDITED @washingtonpost once again reveals their blinding propagandist Fake News proclivities.”

To that, Maggie Haberman of The New York Times responded, “Wonder how Judd Deere, who answers most calls to that office, and Morgenstern feel upon learning this.” Mr. Deere then tweeted the fact that during his time at the Trump White House “a woman has always been my boss.” It is fascinating that when confronted with the truth, Ms. Haberman refused to accept it and instead decided because *a man works on the team* he must be the boss. Not difficult to see where the sexism is.

Identity politics can only succeed if no one from the group you’re oppressing (Blacks, women, gays) steps out of line. Their crime is refusing to conform to leftist “social justice” arguments requiring big government, collective identity and an end to the power and importance of the individual.

People who dare to not conform, like Blacks, women or gays who identify as conservative, perhaps pro-life, or simply refuse to pay allegiance to the liberal worldview, pose the most direct threat to the lie of identity politics and the inevitable scourge of liberal and leftist politics and policy.

What to do with people who do not obey? You disappear them. And that is what we’ve seen happen in real-time for decades, but especially for all the world to see during the presidency of Mr. Trump.

And it’s not just the attempt to memory-hole the communications team. Keeping information away from the American people is something the legacy media works very hard at. As an example, you may not even know under President Trump, “For the first time in history, half of the senior leaders of the National Security Council are women. Twelve of the 24 directorates are led by women now, including three of the six regional directorates that cover the world. They include Dr. Deborah Birx, Allison Hooker, Elizabeth Erin Walsh, Sue Bai, and Julia Nesheiwat, all women,” reported The Federalist in June.

The disappearance of women who threaten the left’s agenda has been most apparent by the media ignoring first lady Melania Trump and her achievements, both personally and professionally. Historically, media in the United States, including women’s and popular culture magazines, highlight and profile the first lady of the United States. Not so for Mrs. Trump. It was at first perplexing, as an immigrant, former model, her impact on White House policy and advocacy has been significant.

We can assign jealousy and envy of her as part of the problem, but mostly it’s the danger of more women seeing her in a clear light which dangerously provides an example of how women can be powerful and independent, on their own terms. This also explains the bizarre hostility toward Ivanka Trump and her policy accomplishments. But the Democrats can’t allow role models who threaten the fraud they’ve implemented against their own perceived constituencies.

One of the specialties of the Democrats and the swamp is to “forget” inconvenient people. Mr. Trump’s concern from the start of his political career was to empower and elevate the forgotten men and women of this nation. No matter what happens in this presidential election, neither he, his family, nor his 73 million voters, have any intention of abandoning that mission.

• Tammy Bruce, president of Independent Women’s Voice, author and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk-show host.