In the last few days, we’ve seen a disturbing infringement of our constitutional liberties, namely an assault on free speech. 

It’s one thing if you are committing violence or making threats. But it’s another if you’re just daring to think differently and hold conservative beliefs. 

From the delisting of Twitter accounts and censorship on Facebook, to web hosting and banking services being pulled from organizations and campaigns, what we are witnessing is an attempt to cut -off the oxygen needed for speech to be real and free. 

The social media putsch suggests this is a scorched earth campaign… and “unity” really just means “silence.” 

If you don’t “get in line,” you’ll be silenced and “canceled.” 

The coordinated attack by the left, mainstream media, social media tyrants, and corporations captured by the left just shows that cancel culture is alive and well in 2021. And we must be prepared.

People shouldn’t face the choice to either “shut up” or run the risk of finding their platforms, social standing, sources of funding, and even jobs taken away.  

We have to stand together and for the fundamental concept of freedom of expression. 

We need to remind people that to punish and silence people for their political beliefs isn’t just an attack on conservatives, but it is also devastating to our entire country and the basic freedoms we revere. 

We’ll keep fighting for your voice to be heard. But, first, we want to hear your thoughts.

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