WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, President Joe Biden signed a misguided executive order to tackle the climate change crisis that will kill jobs, raise energy costs, and remove reliable energy sources for American families and businesses.

“If President Biden’s true thought was about creating jobs as was suggested during today’s press conference, his actions sure don’t reflect it,” said Charlotte Whelan, policy analyst at Independent Women’s Voice. “Today’s executive order will have devastating effects on both jobs and the fight against climate change. While we all support the goal of reducing emissions to help keep our planet healthy, onerous regulation on essential energy sources—without reliable or affordable alternatives—will raise energy costs and kill jobs for Americans during this difficult economic climate.” 

“Yes, there are health and environmental impacts to greenhouse gas emissions,” adds Whelan. “But the order fails to recognize the economic impacts of taking away reliable energy sources for American families and businesses.”

Instead of creating more roadblocks for meaningful job opportunities and clean energy expansion, Independent Women’s Voice calls on the president to look to the private sector, which is leading the global fight against climate change through energy innovation. 

President Biden’s executive orders revoking the Keystone XL Pipeline permit, overturning Trump administration regulations such as Executive Order 13778 (Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth) and Executive Order 13868 (Promoting Energy Infrastructure and Economic Growth), are job-killing nightmares that reversed unprecedented gains natural gas has made in the global effort to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

“This decision,” Whelan said, “ignores just how valuable natural gas production has been in reducing carbon emissions, in addition to how it has improved our national security, lowered energy costs, and created jobs for thousands of Americans.”