So much talk of “unity” throughout the election season. That was one thing that came out of President-elect Joe Biden when he was in his campaign basement.

It was a mantra from a man who refused to give any details on policy positions, and walked away as reporters attempted to ask questions.

”Unity” is a theme we can expect to dominate his inaugural speech, despite the clear Democratic agenda to condemn and isolate 75 million Americans who did not vote for Mr. Biden.

Despite his refusal to be specific about policy and answer questions, Joe Biden is a known entity after 50 years in elected office, and as vice president in the Obama administration, we know he wants the opposite of what President Trump has delivered. Already, he has told Americans he intends to bring back amnesty for illegal aliens, rejoin the failed Paris Climate Accord, and likely the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which that terrorist nation has already admittedly violated multiple times.

But it was unity and a return to “our norms and values” that was the repeated message from Joe Biden and his campaign to the American people. He was the one who was going to bring us together, ostensibly, because Mr. Trump and his supporters had torn us apart. He would “save the soul” of our country, from which we are to infer Mr. Trump and his supporters were destroying.

Observers might be impressed with the gall of declaring you’re for unity while in the next sentence accusing your opponents of being the devil incarnate, but the end result is fomenting civil division for the sake of perceived political gain.

One of the reasons Mr. Trump was elected was because Americans were tired of watching a political bureaucracy think only of themselves, while destroying our lives economically and with never-ending wars. It was as though they … hated us, but needed the hamsters in the wheel to keep their party going.

There is no reason to not expect Mr. Biden’s inaugural speech to be very similar to this carnival game approach. The Democrats have decided to reinforce their message that “domestic terrorists” are an existential threat to the nation after a bunch of idiot yahoos decided to breach the Capitol on Jan. 6. Lives were lost and the nation is unanimous in the condemnation of the violence. Democrats, however, never want to let a good crisis go to waste and decided they would use the actions of a few hundred to condemn not just Mr. Trump, but all of his supporters and associates.

Even liberal television host Bill Maher was skeptical of that agenda, warning his audience that it wasn’t wise to confuse those who breached the Capitol with 75 million Trump supporters.

As Mr. Biden no doubt talks about “unity,” on Jan. 20 he will be doing so at a Capitol surrounded by a 12-foot fence and 20,000 National Guard troops. It is imagery reinforcing that the domestic terrorist threat is that large, that overwhelming. The Mall is closed and will be empty, as are all national monuments.

If that weren’t enough to reinforce their commitment to declaring 75 million Americans potential terrorists because they voted for the incumbent president, it was then announced that the National Guard troops would have to be “vetted” to make sure they weren’t the enemy. You see, white men voted for Mr. Trump, and a majority of the Guard is white men, ergo … The FBI would vet them which one would believe involved determining whether they supported Mr. Trump or were, heaven forbid, a conservative.

Yes, smells like unity to me.

This is classically totalitarian. It is not just the opposite of unity, it invites civil division.

Do they really think that 75 million people are evil simply for supporting a man who destroyed ISIS, created the best economy the world has ever seen, shrunk the wage gap, created the lowest unemployment rates for Americans in every category, creating a stock market surge and the associated 401(k)s and IRAs to actually look like they might be a genuine retirement plan?

To say nothing of securing a Middle East peace which every other entrenched political bureaucrat insisted was impossible. No, they don’t believe that, but they do believe it’s their best gambit to keep conservatives on their heels and in retreat.

This is classically totalitarian. It is not just the opposite of unity, it invites civil division. The premise itself is obscene and directly contradicts the messaging of wanting unity. But what that does tell you is that Mr. Biden’s team and the Democrats know that Americans want unity and by touting that as their one campaign position, they admit this.

Despite this, they chose revenge and punishment instead, promoting it by using what I term as “fear porn.” We were told all 50 state capitals were under threat of siege this last weekend. It never happened. America remains locked down due to COVID-19, the Capitol is surrounded by that 12-foot high fence, tens of thousands of troops stand ready with orders allowing them to shoot fellow Americans, all arranged by people who won by saying that they were going to return us to our “norms and values.”

It’s safe to say no one, with the exception of the political “elite” whose contempt for the normals only grew after the election of Mr. Trump, voted for or want a totalitarian crackdown aimed at half the country. It’s time to work to genuinely bring Americans together to condemn this shameful and craven effort at destroying people with whom you disagree.