West Virginia’s businesses need support during these difficult economic times, rather than new mandates from Washington, DC. Thank you for taking a strong stand against a federal $15 minimum wage.

A national $15 minimum wage and tipped wage would be devastating for West Virginia’s diners, retailers, and other small businesses—not to mention their employees. Morgantown is not Manhattan, and Charleston is not Chicago. The minimum wages in these cities should not be the same, either.

West Virginia needs sensible, bipartisan solutions from Congress—not one-size-fits-all laws that could hurt the people they are intended to help.

West Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association

West Virginia Chamber

National Restaurant Association

Job Creators Network

Institute for the American Worker

Independent Women’s Forum

Independent Women’s Voice

Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Employment Policies Institute

Restaurant Workers of America

National Federation of Independent Business

International Franchise Association