Joe Biden has been president of the United States for less than a month. The media, the Democrats and the entire leftist establishment decided that the multiple credible allegations of inappropriate behavior with women, and a credible allegation of sexual assault, didn’t matter. Everybody rallied around Creepy Joe because Orange Man Bad. Or something.

The allegations that came to light during the campaign by multiple women, including a Democratic candidate for whom Mr. Biden had campaigned, forced then-candidate Biden to deliver a video pledging that he never meant to bother anyone, blaming old mores for his creepy behavior. Essentially, he promised he would adjust to the modern age and stop touching girls and women against their will.

How nice.

For those who thought that the limitations provided by the pandemic would save the Democrats from the public being reminded about President Biden’s inappropriate behavior, they just received a wake-up call.

During a virtual tour of a COVID-19 vaccination site in Arizona, the president and Vice President Kamala Harris were both on screen (albeit in separate boxes) as registered nurse Brittney Hayes detailed the efforts to vaccinate residents in Glendale, Arizona.

Mr. Biden’s response? He asks Ms. Hayes, “Are you a freshman at the university?” laughing as an indication he knows she’s not.

Ms. Hayes then says, “No, no, no” laughing nervously. Prior to this remark, she had made it clear she was the “head charge nurse” at the site. It was the sort of cringy and awkward moment for observers of which there are multiple examples in Mr. Biden’s history. For the woman who’s the target, it was the diminishment of her work as a serious professional involved in one of the more important activities we are undertaking as a nation.

Was she supposed to be entranced by the suggestion she looks younger than she is? Yeah, no. As political analyst Ana Rosa Quintana noted on Twitter, “What professional woman wants to be infantilized like a receptionist on Mad Men?”

After Mr. Biden’s initial sloppy Don Draper move, Ms. Harris asked some serious questions, but then we were right back to the virtual hair sniffing. 

The New York Post reported, “Biden continued to show incredulity that Hayes was a medical professional. ‘And you’re a — a nurse?’ Biden said on the video call, which was streamed publicly. ‘I am, I’m a nurse. I’m an RN. I’ve been an RN for about nine years now…’ The president replied: ‘I know having been a significant consumer of health care, I can tell — I know the vice president knows this, when I say it — doctors let you live, nurses make you want to live. If there’s any angels in heaven, they’re all nurses, male and female. And that’s not an exaggeration. That’s the God’s truth.’”

In certain moments, one could see a flash of disturbance on the face of Ms. Harris. This is a woman, after all, who has said publicly that she believes the multitude of women accusing Mr. Biden of inappropriate behavior. And yet there she sits, as not just a minder, but perhaps as someone meant to add to the legitimacy of Mr. Biden, or even as an acknowledgement that they know this is bad, but don’t worry, she’s there.

He may not know what it is he’s doing. The problem for Ms. Harris is that she does and she enables him anyway.

What the virtual exchange says about Mr. Biden is that this behavior wasn’t about misunderstanding modern sensibilities about how you treat girls and women, it’s about the nature of the man, not an accident of environment.

During the campaign, when Mr. Biden was either confused or heading off into a direction revealing the extent of his issues, we saw abrupt endings to his basement broadcasts. With press meetings involving Mr. Biden in the White House, reporters are often shushed, with the president and other White House officials quickly ushered out of the room.

We are subjected to Jen Psaki, not a neophyte, but as press secretary is so unprepared even the media acknowledges it. When asked about the status of the Space Force, the newest branch of our military, she responded in a manner indicating she had no idea to what the reporter was referring.

She has become infamous for the most regular answer she gives to questions which is “I’ll have to circle back on that,” another tell she is unable to answer contemporaneously to the most obvious questions.

Her fecklessness may not be her fault. It could indicate that there is no center for decision-making gravity in the White House. The common understanding about policy and direction normally comes from the vision of the leader, or at least an understanding of the issues from a man who’s been a cog in the wheel of the bureaucracy for 50 years. But no, there seems to be no steady grasp inside the White House of the day-to-day issues facing this country.

For a team of people who have been in government and the bureaucracy for decades the ham-handed stumbling throughout these first few weeks has been shocking. We know Mr. Biden’s limitations, but the fact that a great deal of the administration’s efforts seems to be to hide those limitations should concern all of us. It’s not just unfair and hypocritical for the media to have been on top of Donald Trump like a pack of rabid dogs, the choice to look away from the Biden administration is dangerous for the nation.

• Tammy Bruce, president of Independent Women’s Voice, author, and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk-show host.