There’s a surge of COVID infections at the border… and President Biden and House Democrats are to blame

The Homeland Security Secretary just said that there is an enormous increase in migration at the border—the highest rate in 20 years. And some jurisdictions report that people coming through the southern border are testing positive between 3 and 10 times the rate of the U.S. population.

We are never going to get back to our normal lives if we have an open border that allows COVID-19 positive individuals to enter our country and travel to different cities and states.

“Migrants flooding across U.S. border with as much as 10 times the COVID-19 rate as Americans” (Washington Times headline)

What’s more, despite the flood of migrants coming in through the southern border, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, and the Biden administration is NOT requiring they show proof of negative COVID tests, vaccination records, or even a quarantine plan.

It begs the question: WHY? 

Why isn’t the government testing and tracking these infection rates? If they are, where is the data? 

Why aren’t American citizens allowed to resume “normal” activities or travel without showing proof of negative COVID tests, yet those coming in through the southern border get a free pass

American citizens deserve to know the public health threat at our border due to 

the Biden administration’s new reckless, senseless, and damaging immigration policies.

It’s time to demand that the Biden administration ensure that EVERY migrant is tested for COVID-19 before being released. It’s time to demand SAFE border policies.

Speak up: sign the Safe Borders petition today.