March 17, 2021

Dear Members of Congress,

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the already-present issues in America’s child care landscape. Many families struggle to find affordable and accessible child care, and the child care closures during the pandemic have only made it more difficult.

Independent Women’s Voice is proud to support the Child Care Choices Act. Instead of funding often ineffective programs, the Child Care Choices Act would provide direct assistance to families as they choose the best child care for their situation. Importantly, the bill would prohibit states from restricting payment based on the type of child care provider: home-based, family-based, faith-based or center- based.

Parents know what is best for their own children. The government should not restrict their choices through assistance programs. The vouchers from the Child Care Choices Act would help parents to find affordable care that works best for their family and enable parents to return to work.

So many children have been left behind in this pandemic. Unsurprisingly, this has taken a social and economic toll on our country as families struggle to balance home and work responsibilities without the support they usually enjoy. We must work tirelessly to support American families and allow them the freedom to find the child care situation that is best for them.

We thank Michelle Fischbach for her leadership in supporting American workers, and we urge you to join them and support the Child Care Choices Act.


Hadley Heath Manning

Director of Policy

Independent Women’s Voice