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March 24, 2021

Dear Members of Congress,

As much of our country’s attention, as well as the world’s, has turned to finding ways to reduce emissions and combat climate change, it is important that we do not place unnecessary hurdles in front of solutions. Nuclear power is a carbon-free, cheap, reliable energy source. But the regulatory process to stand up a nuclear reactor is so long and cumbersome that it now averages about four years to bring one online. This needlessly long process slows the progress of new nuclear projects and the expansion of an important part of our clean energy infrastructure. 

Independent Women’s Voice is proud to support the Modernize Nuclear Reactor Environmental Reviews Act. This bill will help reduce the red tape surrounding new nuclear power projects by streamlining the process for nuclear reactors and adapting it to fit new technology such as advanced reactors. New reactors are already overcoming burdens such as cost through new and innovative designs. We must responsibly modernize the outdated review process to avoid costly delays. 

As Representative Duncan said, “the bill directs the NRC to evaluate the current environmental review process for reactors and identify areas where there are reasonable options for less burdensome assessments under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.” 

While many individuals focus on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, these sources currently cannot be relied upon and are not economically feasible solutions. Nuclear power is an excellent alternative and has proven its reliability and safety over decades of use. We should encourage innovation in nuclear power and not place unnecessary burdens on new projects that have the potential to reduce emissions and create reliable energy and a healthier environment for Americans.

We thank Representative Jeff Duncan for his leadership in supporting nuclear power, and we urge you to join him and support the Modernize Nuclear Reactor Environmental Reviews Act.


Hadley Heath Manning
Director of Policy
Independent Women’s Voice