Today marks the beginning of Women’s History Month. 

Ironically at this time, the so-called Equality Act—which just passed the U.S. House and is going to the U.S. Senate—is trying to legally ERASE women from our Civil Rights laws and protections.

We CANNOT let the Equality Act become law.

That’s why it is absolutely critical that you take action right now to stop it.

Call your senators right now and urge them to oppose the so-called Equality Act.* 

*We’ve made it easy for you to take action. Just click on the link, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can find your senators, get connected to their offices, and receive talking points to help guide you.

The Equality Act would amend federal Civil Rights laws to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. But, when it comes to the issue of gender identity, context matters. 

The Equality Act is incredibly far-reaching. It takes a sledgehammer to an issue better left to a scalpel.

Don’t let the Equality Act strip women of the rights and protections previously afforded to us.

Stop the Equality Act: Call your senators right now.