We are excited to announce the launch of a new policy center at Independent Women’s Forum: The Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO).

The CEO will be a powerful new program at IWF to build knowledge and evidence to support policies that advance economic freedom, opportunity, power, and influence. CEO policy analysts will develop and advocate for common-sense policy solutions grounded in data. 
Through a focus on economic, labor, and tech policy, this center will advance policies that boost economic mobility for all Americans.

Today, women are making strides in the labor force, despite the pandemic. They enjoy new paradigms for work and greater freedom to make the choices that are best for their unique situations. 

However, you wouldn’t know that if you read most news outlets. American women are persuaded to believe in widespread gender discrimination based on faulty studies and misleading data points. Policymakers on the left then use this victimization narrative to justify government overreach into the workplace and the economy.

In truth, there is no better time to be a working woman than today. 

But there is still more work to do to help women who feel left out of economic opportunities or who face government-imposed hurdles to obtaining meaningful work.

The CEO will:

  • Inform the public about how antiquated regulations impede progress and how proposals to increase government micromanaging of the economy and our workplaces could backfire—especially on women. 
  • Promote storytelling campaigns, such as Chasing Work, which feature individuals whose financial independence and economic security have been undermined by overregulation and other harmful policies. 

People want more choices and better outcomes for their lives. More freedom and smart policies can achieve that. 

We hope you will elect to receive the CEO newsletter and regular updates, read our analyses and commentary, and follow our policy experts.