What do Teen Vogue, Coca-Cola, and Major League Baseball have in common?

They’ve all been willing participants of cancel culture… in the most hypocritical way. Speak up about cancel culture by taking this secure survey today.

Take Teen Vogue, for example. The managers at Teen Vogue were well within their rights to fire their editor-in-chief because of decade-old offensive tweets. Employment in a high-profile editorial job at an elite employer like Vogue magazine is a privilege, not a right.

But if they were to apply their standards equally, they’d also fire their senior social media manager who published a letter reportedly signed by more than 20 staffers rejecting the editor-in-chief… while she also had decade-old offensive tweets and was left untouched.

Then there’s Major League Baseball, the latest corporation to engage in selective outrage. The MLB chose to punish Americans in Georgia over misleading and false reports about their election law, while continuing business-as-usual with China, despite its evident human rights abuses.

Reminder: China doesn’t have voting rights…. nor does it have any basic rights or freedoms. And this move by MLB cost Georgia $100 million.

What’s next? Is cancel culture coming for you?

These incidents could be an opening for a national dialogue about redemption, racial reconciliation, and forgiveness. But instead of educating and discussing in a civilized manner, the forces that be decided to cancel those with whom they disagreed.

How are we to heal and unite as a nation if this is the standard operating procedure?

If you’ve had enough of the double standards, SPEAK UP. Share your opinions about cancel culture today.

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