Why is the left’s vile reaction to both Sen. Tim Scott and Caitlyn Jenner so important? It reveals the fact that identity politics is nothing more than foul partisan politics and intimidation dressed up as virtuous wokism.

The left’s racist panic over Sen. Tim Scott’s rebuttal of President Biden’s address to the joint session of Congress has been appropriately discussed and condemned. Ranging from being called an oreo and “Uncle Tim,” Democrats and their enforcers vomited up blatant racism and a bigoted condemnation of someone for wrong-think because he dares to have his own opinion and perspective.

And within a few days of that bizarre theater of bullies, the woke identity politics enforcers also went after Caitlyn Jenner. Ms. Jenner, who has declared a likely run for governor in California now that the recall effort against Gavin Newsom appears to have achieved its requisite number of signatures, is being viciously attacked by woke activists and others for saying she is opposed to biological males competing against women in school sports.

After TMZ aired her response which they elicited as she was going to her car after a coffee run, Ms. Jenner noted on Twitter, “I didn’t expect to get asked this on my Saturday morning coffee run, but I’m clear about where I stand. It’s an issue of fairness and we need to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”

The attacks against her were swift and predictable, with Breitbart reporting of the rage-filled mob: “Many suggested Jenner betrayed the transgender movement, calling Jenner ‘anti-trans’ and ‘self-loathing,’ due to Jenner’s remarks opposing transgender biological boys competing in girls’ sports … Male-to-female transgender model Plastic Martyr announced online to 62.9 thousand followers that Jenner is a ‘self loathing, vapid fame-whore that abuses her privilege & platform …’” Others referred to her as “odd” and part of a “cult,” transphobic (of course), and ignorant.

In both the Scott and Jenner cases, the reaction pulls the curtain back on the left’s intolerance and bigotry. This is the unhinged reaction by liberal activists who understand the danger of two high-profile people refusing to be compliant and conforming, and instead honoring the power of individualism and the American civil rights movements by daring to be themselves, no matter what the mob may demand.

And yet, there is another revelation the ugliness of these episodes has revealed: the fact that identity politics itself is based on a lie.

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