This Memorial Weekend, the home of first-term South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace was vandalized. The assailants left profanity, political messages, graffiti, and symbols used by the Antifa terrorist group on her house and property. 

The political motivation behind these acts is clear, but Congresswoman Mace is undaunted. She is standing strong against the attacks. 

In a video after the attack on her home, Rep. Mace showed the hateful messages left behind such as “F*ck you Nancy” on the street and “No gods, no masters, all politicians are bastards” on the steps leading up to her home.

I woke up this morning to my house being vandalized last night. What makes me so angry is this is a house that I live in with my kids, my two kids… My kids aren’t even safe on the front porch of their own home.

Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC)

A penalty for opposing a federal pro-union, anti-worker bill?

This vandalization is not only about her party and politics but her opposition to specific legislation. The vandals left one big message on her home: “Pass the PRO Act.”

The Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO) Act is a pro-union federal bill that would end right-to-work laws across the country (forcing non-union workers to pay union dues), open non-union employees up for harassment by requiring that their employers hand over their private contact information to unions, and reclassifying independent contractors as employees (and unionizable) under a new stringent standard. 

This last provision is one IWV has been fighting back against as it would end flexible jobs and opportunities for millions of workers across the nation as it did when California passed the job-killing law AB5.  

Someone wants to intimidate Rep. Mace, especially over this pro-union, anti-worker bill that has passed the House of Representatives. While police are investigating the incident, the message to Mace is clear.

Mace is standing up to the bullying and intimidation

Rep. Mace noted 

There is a significant difference between nonviolent protests, and criminal acts of intimidation and vandalism. We should all be able to feel safe in our own homes, regardless of our political beliefs.

I urge everyone to take a moment to think about their words and their actions at this time. And it’s not just social media, but our words impact real people and impact real lives. We should think about taking it down a notch.

The congresswoman couldn’t be more right.

Targeting members of Congress, lawmakers in general, and government officials must stop. Those in power who fan the flames of this violent behavior should be held accountable.

Hopefully, the assailants are caught and prosecuted. There also needs to be accountability for those who support and promote this behavior.

Rep. Mace provides a strong example to other women serving in public life or who may want to serve not to cower in the face of opposition.