As we wind our way out of the Chinese Communist Party’s coronavirus pandemic, Americans are looking up and seeing shocking news about the rise in crime across the country. Americans are experiencing the chaos enveloping certain cities, and now we have the numbers.

There is no vaccine for this particular problem now ruining and taking lives. Like so many other things, this wasn’t created by nature. In this case, it’s another monster brought to you by the Democratic Party and the leftists who control them. Defunding the police, an end to cash bail, anti-police hate rhetoric spewing from Democratic politicians, all signal to society in general that there is no law and order, and no repercussions for criminal behavior.

We are past warnings and now have the first sign of the one successful Democratic policy plan: the destruction of quality of life and the American dream for all those living in Deep Blue America. No one voted for this, but they gave it to us anyway.

According to Fox News research, here is the increase in homicides and shootings this year versus 2020.

NEW YORK CITY: +13% , Shootings: +64%

PORTLAND +533%, Shootings +126%

ATLANTA +58%, Shootings +40%

CHICAGO +5%, Shootings +18%

LOS ANGELES +22%, Shootings +51%

PHILADELPHIA +37%, Shootings +27%

The normalizing of riots and looting as “mostly peaceful protests” began last year as Democrats and the media accomplices knew what was happening and decided to tell you to not believe your lying eyes. It also signaled to all the malcontents that all bets were off—if you can break it, set it on fire, or take it, you’ll be in the pantheon of change agents.

We must end going along to get along. This is an attitude condemning communities of color and urban America specifically. We know who’s doing this and remaining silent makes us complicit in the racist carnage. We must admit that Democrats have knowingly pushed a specific agenda that can have only one result: the destruction of lives, an increase in crime and violence, and the end of law and order. It is not an accident, it is a mission.

Leftist Democratic leadership, governors, mayors, district attorneys, and community organizers, argue that holding people accountable for crime is racist. Having bail set is racist. Funding the police is racist. And what is the result? Vibrant and growing city life is replaced with a hellscape. Where there used to be businesses, tourism, nightlife, and families seeking the American dream, we now have tent cities, open drug markets, shooting sprees, shooting up, hate crimes against Asian-Americans and Jewish people, assaults, rape, arson, and cops being ambushed in broad daylight.

We must begin to ask openly: Why are the Democrats creating this environment for communities of color? Why are they condemning brown and Black Americans to perpetual crime, violence, and fear?

The policies Democrats pursue in cities they control are exactly what they want to inflict on the entire country. Many people wrongly believe that once politicians see a policy failing they will reverse it, they will change course because who would want American cities to become raging dumpster fires of misery? The Democrats and leftists who control them, that’s who.

How is this manifesting? Consider a man who was arrested in deep-blue New York for brandishing a taser and a knife in Washington Square Park triggering a stampede. As people ran to escape the maniac, a woman was trampled and taken from the scene bloodied and injured. The suspect, who has 10 prior arrests, was charged with menacing, reckless endangerment, and weapons charges. He was then set free on “supervised release.”

This is the result of New York’s “no bail” policy and the Manhattan district attorney’s office woke policies. What could go wrong? I dread we will find out sooner than later.

On the other side of the country, in deep-blue Portland, the 50 members of the police department’s Riot Control team resigned after one of their members was indicted for defending himself during a riot. “‘Unfortunately, this decorated public servant has been caught in the crossfire of agenda-driven city leaders and a politicized criminal justice system,’ the Portland Police Association said in a statement earlier this week,” reported the New York Post.

What’s hard for many to believe is that this chaos is exactly what the left wants. But it is. Ironically, the more chaos exists, the less the average citizen feels safe and the more they rely on government. This is amplified as police are maliciously condemned as the purveyors of the problem by the very people who engineer the turmoil.

I was a community organizer for the left in the 1990s and watched this agenda being set. It’s not an accident, it’s a mission.

We’ve all heard the rhetoric from politicians to entertainers to organizers from Marxist and anarchist organizations, insisting how awful and racist America is. One must consider that all this destruction is believed by the left to be deserved; that America should be “punished” for being systemically racist, which is another lie the left tells itself and everyone else to excuse the carnage.

Abusers and grifters come from the same lot. They want things that do not belong to them and they haven’t earned, and target people whom they resent and are obsessed with controlling. The last place abusers and grifters belong is in charge of anyone else’s life. As a society, we’ve decided there is no excuse for domestic violence. So, let’s stop putting up with it writ large from politicians and leftist activists.