One of the big stories for the last few weeks has been the sudden acknowledgement by legacy media and the establishment that COVID-19 very well may have emerged from the Wuhan lab. Many already knew last year of the high potential of the lab’s involvement, and that it was a leak not animal-to-human transmission because they had access to intelligence briefings pointing to that possibility. 

The unacceptable problem for the legacy media was the people alleging the lab’s involvement were the wrong type of people (i.e. Republicans), and hated by the media (President Trump), making coverage of how the pandemic emerged a cartoonish and useless frenzy of smears and disinformation. 

ABC’s Jon Karl provides a perfect example of the panic when real life interrupts the Democrats’ preferred nonsense narrative. And it’s not just about being wrong or ignoring a story; the panic emerges when it becomes clear the legacy media are agents of fake news and propaganda. 

Consider these remarks on ABC’s program “This Week” featuring Mr. Karl, the network’s chief Washington correspondent, who admitted in a remarkably clumsy and awkward manner that the media and other supposedly serious critics and experts refused to take seriously the Wuhan lab origination theory because it was Republicans and President Donald Trump who were talking about it.

Newsbusters reported, “After host Martha Raddatz admitted that some who rejected the premise that the virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China now have ‘egg on their face,’ she asked Karl why finding out the origins of the pandemic ‘matters.’” 

There was no way Mr. Karl could proceed with the usual word salad covering up the truth of the matter. He said: 

“We need to know how it started and yes, I think a lot of people have egg on their face. This was an idea that was first put forward by Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, Donald Trump. And look, some things may be true, even if Donald Trump said them. And there was — because Trump was saying so much else that was just out of control, and because he was, you know, making a frankly racist appeal talking about ‘kung-flu’ and the ‘China virus,’ his notion that put forward that this may have, or that he said flatly that this came from that lab, was widely dismissed…”

There they are, admitting that they chose to have their coverage of a worldwide crisis shaped by their emotional attitude toward certain people in power. Mr. Karl, and so many others, were blinded and then controlled by hate and Trump Derangement Syndrome. This is not relegated to simply one issue or one story affecting the American people. This is systemic wokism and systemic hatred, and does not disappear nor is it assigned to one issue. It permeates all perspective and will continue, like worms burrowing into their brains.

But this outrage is not the whole story, it’s a symptom of something much more serious and encompassing. Consider this: If they’re subject to allowing their emotions, in this case hatred, to dismiss important information about a serious issue, the same condition would also compel them to blindly report about and accept statements as true that are made by people whom they like, admire, and perhaps love.

Mr. Karl should know this, having won an Emmy for his coverage of Barack Obama’s inauguration. The moment a partisan side of society is giving you huzzahs and awards, is the moment you should step back and review your own commitment to fairness. Hollywood, after all, doesn’t “award” or feature those who dare to contradict the left’s narratives. The left doesn’t give awards to people for journalism, they reward you for having the best poodle-cut.

This development surrounding the coverage of the Wuhan lab is brought to us courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party’s horrific impact on the world. Moreover, it is the ultimate accidental announcement that journalism for 85% of American media, is dead.

One of the more disgusting realizations in all of this is that Big Tech and the Democratic Party itself have created a cottage industry of complaining about the deleterious impact of fake news on elections, constantly accusing conservatives, Mr. Trump, his supporters, and anyone else who challenges the liberal status quo, as lying provocateurs. 

This, as social media giants, Democratic Party leadership, and their ‘social justice’ mobs are embracing efforts to silence and censor anyone who dares to contradict the leftist narrative, labeling them ‘conspiracy theorists,’ hate-crimers, or even terrorists.

Now, we have even more proof that the legacy media itself, an industry that enjoys the revolving door between the Democratic Party, government, and the newsrooms of American media, is the biggest purveyor of fake news and misinformation of all.

As the Democrats continue to spread the smear that tens of millions of Americans are “attacking our democracy” by simply calling for law and order, election integrity, and the truth about COVID-19, this destruction of media from the inside by empowered Democratic Party activists and woke mobsters, is now finally revealed as the ultimate abandonment of our republic.