By Brian Flood, featuring Kelsey Bolar, senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Voice

The media industry and CNN viewers were stunned Thursday when legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin returned for the first time since his Zoom masturbation incident in October, prompting questions about standards and accountability at the liberal network. 

Toobin, who was swiftly fired from The New Yorker last year after he exposed himself on the video conferencing service, will receive a second chance from CNN, where he’s been an analyst for nearly 20 years. Toobin’s awkward return came weeks after the network decided not to punish anchor Chris Cuomo after it was reported he offered political advice to his brother, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, amid his sexual misconduct scandal. 

“Liberals can say and do anything at CNN without getting fired,” Independent Women’s Voice senior policy analyst Kelsey Bolar told Fox News. 

“As a believer in forgiveness and redemption, I don’t support ‘cancelling’ Jeffrey Toobin for good. However, after performing this lewd act and becoming notorious for it, there are undoubtedly hundreds, if not thousands of better-qualified candidates, for the role of a public-facing CNN legal analyst,” Bolar said. “It says a lot about the network’s values that it would choose to rehire a man who masturbated on a Zoom call in front of his colleagues — would the same happen if it were a woman? Or, if his name were Rick Santorum? Of course not.”

“There are plenty of other opportunities Toobin could pursue where CNN employees and viewers wouldn’t be subjected to memories of his gross and dishonorable actions. But perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised,” Bolar said. “We all knew that Jeffery Toobin was too obsessed with stroking his own ego to ever leave TV for good. And apparently, CNN’s standards are so high, even a Zoom masturbator can make it back.” 

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