Americans have made enormous sacrifices in the fight against COVID-19. We have socially distanced, quarantined, wore masks, got vaccinated, and put our lives on hold.

Yet, the same is not required or even asked of those illegally crossing our southern border at record rates from all parts of the world—including those with notoriously poor health care, vaccination rates, and living conditions… and high COVID rates.

The COVID-19 positivity rate of people coming through the Rio Grande Valley sector of the southern border—the epicenter of the growing crisis—has increased by 900%

The Delta variant of COVID-19, which originally came from India, is rapidly spreading in pockets of the country at an alarming rate. The CDC has issued advisories about it, due to the “troubling” transmissibility of the virus. 

The State Department recently issued a travel advisory against Mexico—through which the overwhelming majority of migrants pass through to illegally cross our border—stating, “Do not travel to Mexico due to COVID-19.”

Despite all of this, President Biden is considering fully repealing Title 42, an effective border policy issued at the start of the pandemic to temporarily suspend entry to those who attempt to cross the border illegally into the country. 

As Senator John Barrasso’s office said:

“If the CDC and the State Department believe that the threat of COVID-19 is actually increasing (and specifically in Mexico), it is contradictory for the Biden Administration to simultaneously revoke the public health authority used by immigration officials to slow the spread of COVID-19.” 

It is fundamentally unfair for the Biden administration to ask Americans to put their lives further on hold while allowing unfettered entry at the southern border. 

Before asking Americans to sacrifice even more, we strongly urge that all travel health requirements and COVID screening procedures be applied to everyone equally and fairly, including those crossing the southern border. 

Join us by signing our Safe Borders Petition today.

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