WASHINGTON, D.C. — Last week, Independent Women’s Voice released a 30-second ad entitled “Stop Preschool Indoctrination” in TV markets across Virginia, West Virginia, and Arizona, as well as in a 12-state digital advertising buy.

The ad encourages parents to reject the idea of putting the government in charge of daycare and preschools. The proposal, included in Congress’ sweeping $3.5 trillion spending bill, allocates hundreds of billions of dollars for daycare and preschool and would lead to the innocent minds of our youngest and most vulnerable Americans being taught controversial, woke, and divisive concepts like Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Parents have every reason to fear that a government-approved, government-run preschool and daycare program would double down on the problems they face in K-12 public schools. It should be PARENTS’ decision — not Uncle Sam’s — what children are taught, where they will spend their time, and who should care for them.

Carrie Lukas, vice president of Independent Women’s Voice, made the following statement:

“As a mom to five public school students, I have seen firsthand how public schools increasingly aren’t just teaching core skills, but are pushing specific, progressive political messages and philosophies. Why would parents want to give the government more control over their children? Why would we follow the same model for preschool and daycare, and put the government in charge of what our toddlers are exposed to and who gets to teach them? There are better ways to help ease the burden of working families, especially those with young children, but that doesn’t require giving government control over our entire preschool and daycare system.”

The ad will air through mid-November. View it here.



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