ARLINGTON, VA — Across the state, Virginia parents are standing up for their rights and in support of Governor Glenn Youngkin’s Executive Order 2 (EO-2) allowing parents to opt their children out of school mask mandates. 

“Mandatory masking is based on outdated data and public health guidance and a skewed cost benefit analysis that ignores the costs of forcing kids to cover their faces for eight hours a day. Governor Youngkin sought to let parents make their own determinations about what’s best for children.  Numerous school systems — including my own, Fairfax County — are acting illegally by ignoring this order,” said Carrie Lukas, mother of five Virginia public school children and employee of Independent Women’s Network. 

Lukas joined local TV and radio stations WJLA and WMAL on Monday to discuss the issue.

In the past four days, more than 230 Virginia parents signed this open letter to their schools and plan to challenge their school districts by sending their kids to school without masks.

The full letter can be found below.


Open Letter to Virginia School Leaders

Dear Virginia School Leaders, 

As of Monday, January 24th, 2022, our children will be arriving at school without masks. 

Pursuant to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s Executive Order 2 (EO-2), we are exercising our rights as parents to opt our children out of the mandatory mask policy. 

Under no circumstances do we authorize the school to provide our children with masks, encourage them to put on masks or treat them any differently than their masked peers. If you have a question about our decision, please contact us directly. 

Thank you for your cooperation, continued respectful, equitable treatment of our children and dedication to helping them thrive. 


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