Clermont, FL –  Independent Women’s Voice applauds Anthony Sabatini, a candidate for Florida’s 7th Congressional District, for signing the Women’s Bill of Rights, which would legally define the word ‘woman’ and protect the existence of single-sex spaces, such as rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, athletic teams, lockerooms, and sororities. The full text of the Women’s Bill of Rights can be read here.

Heather R. Higgins, CEO of Independent Women’s Voice, said, “Too often, radical activists attack and try to silence anyone who speaks the truth about biological sex-differences. By signing the Women’s Bill of Rights, Sabatini has demonstrated that he is willing to stand up for women, for common sense, and for science. We are grateful for Anthony Sabatini’s support. 

“I’m proud to sign the Women’s Bill of Rights to legally define the word ‘woman,’ said Sabatini. “As a member of the Florida Legislature I’ve been a strong proponent of specifying in state law that only people who are born female based on a medical definition may compete in girls-only sports,. The attempts by the Radical Left to eliminate biological sex categories is absolute craziness and must be stopped in its tracks.” 

Independent Women’s Law Center Director Jennifer C. Braceras added, “We can’t fight sex discrimination if we can’t define what it means to be a woman. And we cannot collect accurate data regarding public health, medicine, education, crime, and the economic status of women if we redefine sex to mean gender or gender identity.’”

Don’t let activists erase women. 

Learn more about the Women’s Bill of Rights HERE.

Replay of Women’s Bill of Rights press call HERE.

What Others Are Saying:

“I’m signing the Women’s Bill of Rights because the rights that generations of women fought for must not be dismantled to appease anyone.”

– Abigail K. Shrier

“What is a woman? The answer should be obvious to all. Unfortunately, today it is not. That’s why I am proud to endorse the Women’s Bill of Rights. This common-sense document should bring together all women regardless of their politics or religion.”

– Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“I want my three daughters to know that they live in a country where women are recognized and respected.  We are not “bleeders,” “birthing persons,” or “chestfeeders;” we are women.”

– Carrie Lukas, President, Independent Women’s Forum

“The Women’s Bill of Rights would ensure that our laws continue to recognize that there are legitimate reasons to distinguish between the sexes with respect to athletics, prisons, domestic violence and rape crisis services, restrooms, and other areas where biology, safety, or privacy are implicated.”

– Lauren Adams, Legal Director, WoLF

“The U.S. chapter of Women’s Declaration International (WDI USA) is proud to support the Women’s Bill of Rights. We work to advance the radical feminist and nonpartisan Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights at all levels of government, and this bill is consistent with that objective.”

– Kara Dansky, U.S. Chapter President, Women’s Declaration International


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