By Valerie Richardson, featuring The Women’s Bill of Rights and Jennifer Braceras, director of Independent Women’s Law Center

Supreme Court Justice-designate Ketanji Brown Jackson isn’t a biologist, and apparently neither is Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.

Mr. Becerra became the latest Democrat to struggle to answer after Rep. Mary Miller, Illinois Republican, asked him point-blank, “What is a woman? Can you define the word?”

The Washington Post in a March 23 “political analysis” scolded Mrs. Blackburn for her “obvious bad-faith ploy.” ABC-TV late-night host Jimmy Kimmel slammed her as a “horrible woman,” and the left-wing outlet Jezebel ripped her as “a shining example of how white women help uphold white patriarchy.”

USA Today reported March 24 that there is “no clear way to define what makes someone a woman,” but the Independent Women’s Voice disagrees.

Rather than shy away from definitions, the right-of-center organization released March 31 the Women’s Bill of Rights, partnering with the conservative Concerned Women of America as well as the Women’s Liberation Front and Women’s Declaration International, both self-described radical-feminist groups.

The Senate confirmed Justice Jackson’s nomination on Thursday, but the question lingers.

After the vote, Independent Women’s Law Center Director Jennifer Braceras declared that: “We need to pass the Women’s Bill of Rights to clarify for all judges the meaning of the word woman.”

Emilie Kao, senior counsel at the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom, said the refusal by lawmakers to acknowledge and specify the differences between males and females signals “deep trouble” for U.S. society.

“There is no real debate about what a woman is,” said Ms. Kao. “Refusing to respond to this easily answered question or denying the basic and undeniable truth about what it means to be male and female is a sign of a society in deep trouble. Women are half of humanity, equal and distinct from men. No one should seek to erase or redefine women to appease radical ideologues.”

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