By Luke Gentile, featuring the Women’s Bill of Rights

Republican lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday to protect biological sex as a distinct legal category.

The legislation defines sex as “a person’s biological sex [either male or female] at birth and adopts the common public understanding of the words ‘woman,’ ‘girl,’ and ‘mother,” according to a press release shared with the Washington Examiner.

“This bill, The Women’s Bill of Rights, is pretty simple. It acknowledges the biological differences in men and women, highlights the importance of differentiating between men and women in law for the purposes of protecting sex-segregated activities and organizations, and affirms the importance of using ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in written law to protect families.”

“If you’re still confused, follow the science,” she added. “Women have two X chromosomes, are born with a uterus and ovaries, and they have a menstrual or ovarian cycle, which means they can give birth.”

Defining what a woman is “not that hard,” said Harshbarger.

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