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July 22, 2022

Dear Senators and Members of Congress,

Independent Women’s Voice, which fights to enhance people’s freedom, opportunities and well-being, supports the FY2023 Budget Proposal from Senator Mike Braun.

Recognizing the difficulties Americans face today, like rising gas prices and inflation, the budget proposal would aim to reduce our federal spending, reach a balance between spending and revenues by year ten (while avoiding raising taxes on the American people), and maintain programs like Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid in the short term without burying future generations in more debt. In fact, this budget proposal would extend the life of these social safety nets, ensuring that those who rely on them for support will continue to have it for years to come. 

Senator Braun says, “Record high gas prices. A 9.1% inflation pay cut. Every American is paying for President Biden’s big spending agenda and D.C.’s budget dysfunction. Americans are tired of it, and it’s clear President Biden has no plan to deal with the inflation bomb he created. That’s why I’m introducing my own balanced budget that fights inflation and unleashes American prosperity.”

Beyond balancing the budget moving forward, this plan also rescinds over $100 billion of the American Rescue Plan Funds, a bill which helped to spur on the rampant inflation this country is experiencing. 

Many Americans needed support during the pandemic, but that support should have been targeted and temporary. Instead of throwing money at issues like inflation, which were worsened by excessive spending in Washington, lawmakers would be wise to consider the proposals in this budget and reduce unnecessary spending. 

We thank Senator Braun for his leadership on this budget proposal and urge his fellow lawmakers to help curb excessive spending as well. 


Patrice Onwuka
Director, Center for Economic Opportunity
Independent Women’s Voice