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August 10, 2022

Dear Senator Rubio,

Independent Women’s Voice (IWV), the leading national women’s organization dedicated to expanding support for commonsense policies among women, independents, millennials, and GenZ, has serious concerns about efforts to redefine ‘sex’ to mean ‘gender’ or ‘gender identity’. While most Americans understand that a ‘woman’ is an adult human female, radical gender ideologues are adamant about ignoring this fact.

The erasure of biological women from our civil rights laws endangers women’s safety, privacy, and opportunities. That’s why IWV created the Women’s Bill of Rights which codifies laws regarding sex discrimination and single-sex programs and facilities. 

Thank you, Senator, for proposing an amendment to the reckless Manchin-Schumer bill, known as the “Inflation Reduction Act,” which would have clarified that only women can be pregnant and stipulated that federal laws reflect that reality. It is only sensible that federally-funded pregnancy programs, which exist to provide assistance to pregnant women, should be reserved for biological females since they are the only ones capable of becoming pregnant. 

Unfortunately, many on the Left refuse to acknowledge this obvious truth. At a time when far too many are willing to sacrifice public health and safety for the sake of political correctness, your amendment emphasizes the welfare of women and girls.

IWV strongly urges all policymakers to take a stand for women, for science, and for common sense. As you put it, “Federal funding should reflect reality: only women can get pregnant. Unfortunately, it looks like my Democrat colleagues don’t trust ‘the science’ after all.” Thank you for your leadership on this important issue.


Hadley Heath Manning 
Vice President for Policy 
Independent Women’s Voice