For decades, education has been an issue owned by the Left. Led by powerful teachers unions, liberals have dominated the world of public education, and been responsible for some disastrous outcomes. 

But a new poll conducted by a Democratic polling firm and pushed out by the nation’s largest teacher’s union tells a new story. The poll, conducted in seven key battleground states in May, shows that voters strongly favor conservative education policies. 

Ahead of the midterm elections, this poll provides an interesting glimpse into how Americans feel about key issues in education, like critical race theory, sex and gender lessons in school, and transgender athletes. 

When asked whether they were more likely to vote for a candidate who believes public schools should focus less on teaching students about race and racism, and more on core academic subjects, voters said they were much more likely to vote for that candidate by a stunning 32 point margin. 

By 20 to 30 point margins, the poll found that voters favor a slew of education-related legislation that has been popularized and implemented by leading Republican governors, like Florida’s DeSantis. NBC reports

By 27 points, they said schools should be banned from teaching sexual orientation and gender identity to kids in kindergarten through third grade. By 28 points, they said transgender athletes should be banned from competing in girls’ sports. 

Overall, the survey found that Republicans edged out Democrats by one percentage point (39% to 38%) when respondents were asked which party they trust more on education issues. This is a seismic shift from past polling. In January 2021, votes favored Democrats over Republicans by a ten point margin. 

The findings of this poll spell bad news for Democrats and teachers unions, whose powerful grip on school policy in America is loosening. In response, the pollsters have published their offensive plan to get back into the driver’s seat. 

In a memo accompanying the survey, pollsters Molyneux, Geoff Garin and Alicia Williams identify a four-part communications strategy: frame Republicans as politicizing education; emphasize Democrats’ preference for investing in schools; highlight the most extreme proposals from conservatives; and reinforce the idea that parents have an important role in ensuring their kids get a good education.

As Democrats scramble to do damage control on a legacy of failed policies, Republicans should continue to embrace education freedom and parental rights in education. Not only are they policies that best serve children, but they resonate with voters across the country.