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September 28, 2022

Dear Congressional Leadership,

When the 118th Congress arrives in Washington next year, it will be sent with a mandate to solve many issues, chief among them, returning America to energy dominance and rejecting Green New Deal-style federal spending. Through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and countless Federal administrative actions, leftists in Washington have steered us into disaster.

The cost to heat a home, drive to work, and run a business have increased exponentially since President Biden took office. Currently, a record 20 million Americans are behind on their utilities and one in six families will receive a disconnect notice from a provider this year. We now beg foreign dictators for oil while domestic production has still not returned to its 2019 level (EIA, 2022), despite oil prices being much higher. In two short years, we have gone from American energy dominance to American energy despair. The American people are suffering at the hands of the climate change cultists running Washington, and they expect a new course in 2023.

The Biden Administration, in collusion with the 117th Congress, has seen record shattering spending that included nearly half a trillion dollars for fruitless ‘green initiatives’ which will only succeed in making American energy less reliable, less innovative, and more expensive. The new Congress must change course.

Under new majorities, Congress must act to return America to energy dominance by taking the following actions.

  1. End government subsidies in the energy market. This includes defunding recently passed programs from the ARPA, IIJA, and the IRA. Immediately end the Production and Investment Tax Credits for wind and solar, allow the market to drive innovation, and stop propping up inefficient technologies with taxpayer dollars.
  2. Reject unscientific environmental mandates that restrict domestic energy production and raise costs on American families. Use the Congressional Review Act, when appropriate, and any means available to roll back the harmful regulatory actions of the Biden Administration. Most critical will be the PM2.5 National Ambient Air Quality Standards rule at EPA, the ‘Good Neighbor’ Rule at EPA and the Climate Disclosure Rule at SEC. The United States is already a world leader in clean air, and our current standards are well below the margin of what is truly safe. The best science does not support tightening emissions standards further, and doing so will have negative public health impacts by increasing costs on poor families.
  3. Expand domestic energy production and ensure energy reliability and affordability for consumers by cutting through the bureaucratic red tape purposefully hampering the building of energy infrastructure, especially pipelines. Repeal the new methane tax in the IRA, reject carbon taxes, tariffs, and credits of all kinds, and enact permanent NEPA reform that includes statutory review deadlines, a uniform and centralized process instead of multiple agency permits, and strong tort limitations.

Taking these actions will return America to energy dominance, significantly reduce federal spending, save every American family from energy insecurity, and help export clean American energy around the world.

We can already see the future for our country playing out in Europe. After throwing more than a trillion dollars at wind, solar, and biofuels while neglecting dense and reliable fossil fuels and nuclear, Europeans are faced with doubling and tripling of energy costs, mandatory heating and cooling limits on office spaces, and warnings of coming blackouts this winter. Many will return to wood burning stoves to survive the winter because they cannot afford to turn on their heater. This future can be avoided in the United States by rejecting the radical green agenda and allowing the American energy industry to return to world dominance.

All signed below are here to assist you in this significant undertaking.


Advancing American Freedom
America First Policy Institute
Center for Renewing America
Independent Women’s Forum
Independent Women’s Voice
The Heritage Foundation
The Texas Public Policy Foundation