Today, Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) announced an “It’s Not 1973 Anymore” ad campaign, highlighting that many women today care about reproductive freedom but also realize that other issues, including crime, inflation, the economy, immigration, national security, and education, need their voice now.  

With a spend of over $300,000 on digital advertising, the ad will run on Google, Facebook, OTT, Programmatic, and YouTube in :45 and :60 second versions, as well as distributed through P2P texting. The ad campaign is expected to exceed three million impressions and one million thruplays across platforms. 

IWV produced the “It’s Not 1973 Anymore” ad and its accompanying website,, to help women rectify prevalent misconceptions, reconsider how far abortion and contraception access has come, recognize that this is an issue with no quick and immediate resolution and over which there will be many fights for some time to come, and remind them that there are many other issues of importance hurting women and their loved ones right now — from unsafe communities to soaring prices and learning loss.

Heather Higgins, CEO of Independent Women’s Voice, released the following statement:

“Independent Women’s Voice takes no position on abortion, but we do believe that democracy requires truthful and accurate representation of the facts. Dobbs changed abortion law, but not nearly as dramatically and drastically as the hype encourages women to believe. For example, showing Montana, whose law permits abortion well into the 2nd trimester, as an ‘abortion banned’ state, as FOX News implied in a map if you didn’t read the fine print, is a disservice to accuracy.

“IWV’s position, to the extent we have one on this issue, is that information should be accurate, the issue should be worked out by legislatures reflecting the disparate preferences of their different constituents, and people who don’t like their state laws should be free to travel.

“The reality post-Dobbs is that contraceptives are under no threat and are more widely available and accessible than ever before. Additionally, abortion is accessible to women in a majority of states, and every state has made an exception for the life of the mother.”

Now more than ever, women need FACTS. Women also need organizations, leaders, and the media to stand with women and explain why, regrettably, we now need to pass the Women’s Bill of Rights. 

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