Today, 70 million Americans—39% of the U.S. workforce—freelance. Workers overwhelmingly choose independent contracting because they can earn more income and enjoy greater flexibility, fulfillment, and work-life balance than if they were employees.

Women especially value flexibility. Independent contracting is important to stay-at-home mothers, caregivers, retirees, students, and people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and health conditions that prevent them from working in a traditional job. Independent status is not the last resort; 64% of freelancers are working independently by choice.

Most freelancers are skilled professionals across a wide variety of occupations such as computer programmers, marketing professionals, event planners, optometrists, artists, transcribers, and writers. The sharing economy has also expanded gig opportunities through ridesharing, delivery services, and tasks.

Here’s the issue of Independent Contracting Threats in 60 seconds:

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