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April 26, 2023

Dear Members of Congress,

We, the undersigned representing elite female athletes across the United States, applaud the U.S. House passage of the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, under the leadership of Speaker Kevin McCarthy. We look forward to Senator Tommy Tuberville leading this effort in the United States Senate this week.

More than 50 years ago, Congress enacted Title IX to ensure equal opportunity in all aspects of education, including athletics. Since then, women’s sports have made tremendous progress. But without single-sex teams and single-sex competition, men will dominate women in competitive sports where strength, size, or speed are relevant factors. That is because, physiologically, the average male is stronger, bigger, and faster than the average female.

Forcing female athletes, like ourselves, to compete against biological males is not only unfair, it is discriminatory and illegal. Allowing biological males to take awards, roster spots, scholarships, or spots at a school from female athletes violates Title IX’s prohibition of discrimination “on the basis of sex.” The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act amends Title IX to make that explicitly clear and puts athletic organizations, athletic directors, and bureaucrats at the Department of Education on notice that they may not adopt policies that promote “inclusion” on the backs of women.

We are thankful to Representative Greg Steube and Senator Tuberville for their leadership on this critical issue and commitment to fight for fairness, privacy, and safety for girls and women in sports, and applaud all 219 members of the U.S. House who voted to stand for women. We strongly urge the U.S. Senate to take up this bill with the urgency it deserves.


Riley Gaines Barker
Stand With Women Spokeswoman
Independent Women’s Voice
Swimming, All-American

Adriana McLamb
Volleyball, NCAA

Ainsley Erzen
Track, Soccer, NCAA

Alanna Smith
Track & Field

Alison Sydor
Cycling, Olympian

Annie Grevers
Swimming, NCAA Champion

Annie Kunz
Track & Field, Olympian

April Hutchinson
Powerlifting, Professional

Carol Brown
Rowing, Olympian

Carol Lewis
Track & Field, Olympian

Catrina Allen
Disc Golf

Chloe Satterfield
Tennis, NCAA

Christina Trucks
Track & Field, NCAA

Cindy Rusher
Rowing, Olympian

Cynthia Monteleone
Track and Field, Team USA, Masters

Dianna (DeeDee) Fussner
Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)
Female Pro Master 50+ (FP50) 

Evie Edwards
Cross Country, Cyclist

Haley Tanne
Track and Field, NCAA

Heather Formby
Track and Field

Holly LaVesser

Inga Thompson
Cycling, Olympian

Jan Palchikoff
Rowing, Olympian

Janelle Parks Graham
Cycling, Olympian

Jen Hucke
Volleyball, NCAA Champion

Jeri Shanteau
Swimming, All-American

Kacey McKinnon

Karen Jansen
Golf, LPGA National Teacher of the Year

Kathy Watt
Cycling, Olympian

Katie McCarthy
Golf, NCAA

Kelsey Bolar
Lacrosse, NCAA

Kelly Rickon Mitchell
Rowing, Olympian

Kim Jones
Tennis, All-American

Kimberly Carlisle
Swimming, Olympian

Kimberly Vach
Volleyball, NCAA

Lacey Nymyer
Swimming, Olymipian NCAA Woman of the Year

Lainey Armistead
Soccer, NCAA

Laura Wilkinson
Diver, NCAA, Olympic, and World Champion

Lauren Bondly
Triathlon Age-Group National Champion

Lindsay Shoop
Rowing, Olympian

Linnea Saltz
Track & Field, NCAA Conference Champion

Lisa L. Rainsberger
Track & Field, Olympian Boston Marathon Champion

Lynn Hatcher
Golf, NCAA

Macy Petty
Volleyball, NCAA

Madelyn Sestak
Volleyball, NCAA

Maria Blower
Cycling, Olympian

Mariah Burton Nelson
Basketball, Pro

Marion Clignet
Cycling, Olympian

Mary Forr Szoch
Basketball, NCAA National Champion Runner-Up

Mary T. Meagher
Swimming, Olympian

Madisan DeBos
Track & Field, NCAA

Maggie Malone
Track & Field,
Olympian, NCAA National Champion, Elite Athlete

Margaret O’neal Monteleone 
Track & Field

Margo Knorr
Track & Field, NCAA

Margot Kaczorowski
Swimming, NCAA

Maria Broaddus
Volleyball, NCAA

Marshi Smith
Swimming, NCAA Champion

Mary Louise Kellogg Lyman
Rowing, Olympian

Mary I. O’Connor
Rowing, Olympian

Megan Burke
Track & Field, NCAA

Micki King
Diving, Olympian

Nancy Hogshead-Makar
Swimming, Olympian

Payton McNabb

Raime Jones
Swimming, NCAA

Riley Scott
Swimming, All-American

Sara Younger-Merrill
Rowing, Masters

Sarah Powers-Barnhard
Volleyball, NCAA All-American, Team USA

Selina Soule
Track & Field, NCAA

Shannon Keeler
Lacrosse, NCAA Champion

Sheila Young Ochowicz
Speed Skating, Olympian

Sue Walsh
Swimming, Olympian, NCAA/AIAW National Champion

Taylor Silverman
Skateboarding, Professional

Valerie McClain
Rowing, Olympian