WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) released the tenth video in its documentary series, “Identity Crisis.” The series tells the stories of detransitioners who now warn of the harms of socially and medically transitioning, mothers whose daughters fell victim to gender ideology, and a mental health professional who rails against her profession for prioritizing political correctness over public health.

The latest documentary tells the story of Soren Aldaco. After Soren Aldaco discovered transgenderism online, she began identifying as a boy at age 11 and then pursued hormone replacement therapy at age 17. After undergoing a botched double mastectomy at age 19, Soren found herself alone in the emergency room with doctors reopening her wounds, thinking she was going to die. Soren’s traumatic medical complications opened her eyes to the ills of “affirmative” care, which she says enabled her to believe pills, injections, and procedures could provide her the sense of self she craved growing up. Now detransitioned and healing her complex emotions through mindfulness, Soren is a vocal advocate against the “enabling” medical industry and believes that detransitioners could very well be the leaders of the next #MeToo-style movement.


Kelsey Bolar, director of storytelling and senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum, and executive producer of the series, said, “When IWF started this documentary series, detransitioners had little to no visibility in the media. One year later, I’m encouraged to report that the floodgates have opened and the voices of detransitioners have become impossible for media, advocates, politicians and health professionals to ignore. In addition to the lifelong complications that cross-sex hormones entail, Soren experienced horrific side effects from a double mastectomy that medical professionals never should have approved her for in the first place. Her voice offers an important perspective to the conversation about so-called ‘gender affirming care,’ and why no child should be allowed to medicalize the natural insecurities they face. Soren now has to live with the wounds of her botched double mastectomy and altered hormonal state, but she’s bravely using her voice to ensure other vulnerable children will not.”

Watch Soren’s story HERE

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