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June 12,  2023

Dear Members of Congress,

Independent Women’s Voice, which fights to enhance people’s freedom, opportunities, and well-being, supports House Joint Resolution 44 (H. J. Res. 44) and Senate Joint Resolution 20 (S. J. Res. 20), sponsored by Representative Andrew Clyde and Senator John Kennedy.

These measures are vital to curtail the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ (ATF) overreach, specifically its unjust restriction on “pistol braces.” The ATF’s unilateral redefinition of these devices as equivalent to short-barreled rifles is a troubling overstep.

Pistol braces are vital tools that enable disabled citizens to safely exercise their right to bear arms. They were created by Alex Bosco of SB Tactical to assist a wounded veteran, and have since become a lifeline for millions of disabled firearm owners across the country. Yet, the ATF’s recent actions have abruptly criminalized the use of these devices, with severe penalties that include hefty fines and imprisonment.

Despite the ATF’s claims of safeguards for the “legitimate” use of pistol braces, these provisions fall short and are often impractical, requiring veterans to surrender or alter their firearms. This has led to lawsuits against the federal government, some of which have been successful in obtaining injunctions against ATF’s rule. However, not all affected veterans have been granted such protection, underscoring the need for Congressional action.

The ATF’s policy disproportionately impacts disabled veterans, many of whom rely on firearms for their safety. The agency’s failure to consider this demographic is alarming. 

We, therefore, call on you to act swiftly in passing the aforementioned resolutions, thereby restoring the fundamental rights of disabled gun owners and curbing the unconstitutional power grab by the ATF.


Hadley Heath Manning 
Vice President for Policy
Independent Women’s Voice