WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new poll commissioned by Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) and conducted by Kellyanne Conway and KAConsulting, LLC cuts through the headlines and soundbites surrounding abortion and move us toward a common ground blueprint for legislators to follow in a divided, post-Dobbs America to deliver for women’s health nationwide. 

This nationwide survey dispels the left’s manipulative narrative that conservatives do not care about women or women’s health issues. The poll was fielded by KAConsulting, LLC from October 21 – October 27th and surveyed 1,000 registered likely voters with an oversample of women (660 total) registered likely voters.

The poll reveals that 86% of self-ID Republican voters agree that women’s health is an important issue, and 53% agree that women’s health is a very important issue. 78% of Republicans are more likely to vote for candidates willing to address women’s health issues regardless of the party’s position.   

Furthermore, this survey finds tri-partisan support for increasing the availability of contraception and ensuring access to the most modern, safe, and effective contraception for all women. Nearly 9-in-10, including over 8-in-10 Independents AND pro-lifers agree that “Given the current political debate about abortion, it is more important than ever that women have access to the most modern and effective contraception method of their choice regardless of where they live, how much it costs, and where they receive health care services.”

And 78%, including three in four Independents and 66% of pro-lifers agree with the statement: “Congress has an important role in helping to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies by enacting policies that increase availability to a variety of options for the most effective methods of contraception in primary care settings.”

Congress, state legislators, and candidates nationwide should take note of the significant approval associated with advocating for increased access to and availability of contraception. More than 8-in-10 voters surveyed claim to be more likely to vote for a pro-contraception candidate. Furthermore, over 8-in-10 support a litany of potential legislation that would increase access to contraception and prevent unintended pregnancies nationwide. 

“In order to advance their political interests, the left has hijacked the definition of ‘women’s health’ and advanced a fearmongering fantasy narrative that conservatives are anti-woman and anti-women’s health,” said Independent Women’s Voice CEO Heather R. Higgins. “They do so to the detriment of all women. As the polling shows, a majority of Republican voters are both pro-life and pro-women and women’s health. The left purposefully conflates abortion with women’s health because they know the majority of Americans are not aligned with their extreme views. The fact is Conservatives understand and care about women’s concerns and access to contraception.”

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