MONTGOMERY, AL – Today, Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) Ambassador Paula Scanlan testified in support of Alabama House Bill 111, which, if passed, would codify definitions of common sex-based words such as ‘woman,’ ‘man,’ ‘male,’ and ‘female.’ The legislation, introduced by Representative Susan DuBose which has a Senate companion (SB 92) introduced by Senator April Weaver, would define words already in use throughout state statutes and offer courts and agencies clarity on what these words mean.

If passed, HB 111 and SB 92 would:

1. Define sex-based terms already used across Alabama code;

2. Declare Alabama’s interest in protecting certain single-sex spaces; and,

3. Ensure the accuracy of public data collection.

Paula Scanlan, IWV ambassador and former NCAA swimmer and teammate of Lia Thomas at the University of Pennsylvania, emphasized the need for Alabama to codify male and female terms in law to ensure women aren’t subjects of sex-discrimiation and suffer like she did. “HB 111 and SB 92 should not be controversial.”

During her testimony, Scanlan shared her perspective as a sexual assault survivor, explaining how women with sexual trauma are adversely impacted by activist efforts to reinterpret the legal meaning of sex-based words—effectively rewriting anti-discrimination law and opening up women’s single-sex spaces to men.

“I share my experience today to qualify why it is so important for the Alabama legislature to pass House Bill 111. If passed into law, this bill would help protect women’s hard earned rights,” Scanlan said. “By codifying the meaning of male and female terms in state law, we protect our laws from being manipulated by those who would gaslight women into thinking their privacy is bigotry.”

Jennifer Braceras, vice president for legal affairs at Independent Women’s Voice and founder of Independent Women’s Law Center, explained, “I want to be clear about something: HB 111 and SB 92 do not create any special rights for women. Nor do they take rights away from others. What they do is prevent judges and bureaucrats from distorting current law to advance a woke agenda. Alabama knows what a woman is. It’s time its laws did too.”


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