Washington, D.C.Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) is calling on Congress to protect the rights of independent contractors across the nation. IWV urges lawmakers to support the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to overturn the U.S. Department of Labor’s final classification rule which will impose greater restrictions on independent contractors.

The DOL rule, effective since March 11, will devastate the gig economy and make it difficult for millions of Americans to maintain their independent status regardless of whether they prefer or need to be independent workers. 

With 70 million Americans, representing 39% of the U.S. workforce currently freelancing, it is crucial to preserve the flexibility and opportunities that independent contracting provides. This is especially important for women, as 92% of female workers prioritize flexibility over stability in their careers.

To address these concerns, Patrice Onwuka, senior policy analyst at IWV, and Andi Bottner, IWV vice president of external affairs, were joined by the following IWV independent contractors on Capitol Hill for a fly-in to engage with staff and congressional allies from various offices in the fight to protect worker freedom:

  • Whitney Munro, IWV senior advisor, and president and CEO of FLEX Partners, a strategic communications and business consulting firm;
  • Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, visiting fellow at the Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) at Independent Women’s Forum and small-business owner;
  • Elizabeth Nadar, serial entrepreneur, author and media personality
  • Judy Pino, the Spanish-language spokeswoman for IWV and an award-winning journalist

Patrice Onwuka, director of the Center for Economic Opportunity at Independent Women’s Forum, emphasized the importance of Congress taking action, stating, “Congress has an opportunity to place a check-and-balance on this ill-advised regulatory overreach and overturn this regulation before it ravishes our workforce.”

The mission of IWF’s Center for Economic Opportunity is to develop and advocate for common-sense policy solutions that expand workplace choice, flexibility, freedom, and opportunity. As a Congressional Review Act (CRA) is being considered to rescind the damaging restrictions on independent contractors, IWV will continue to raise awareness and protect true worker freedom.

With the livelihoods of millions of independent contractors at stake, Congress must act swiftly to protect worker freedom and reject misguided policies that would harm the American workforce.

Independent Women’s Forum has been a leader in bringing this issue to the forefront and amplifying the voices of women and men whose livelihoods are at stake. Independent contractors from across the country have shared their personal stories with Independent Women’s Forum, and these stories about direct impact in states served as fly-in resources for both House and Senate chambers, respectively.

IW’s Center for Economic Opportunity sets the record straight on the realities of the disastrous Department of Labor’s rule for gig workers across America: 

  • Patrice Onwuka discusses Biden’s war on working women in the New York Post.
  • Karen Anderson writes in the Daily Caller about the new DOL rule going to war against freelancers.
  • IWF Fellow at the Center for Economic Opportunity Jennifer Oliver O’Connell penned a letter in the New York Times calling to protect the rights of independent contractors. 
  • Jennifer Oliver O’Connell writes in The Hill that the new DOL rule is California’s damaging gig workers law now going nationwide. 
  • Whitney Munro, senior adviser for Independent Women’s Forum, writes in USA Today on how the DOL rule wages war on workers, women, and entrepreneurs.

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