CHARLESTON, WV — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, candidate for Governor, and State Treasurer Riley Moore, candidate for U.S. Congress won their primaries after committing to the suite of prominent policy issues in Independent Women’s Voice’s (IWV) Hope Agenda. IWV’s Hope Agenda includes five candidate commitments Americans find deeply important and want candidates to solve for, including the importance of healthcare price transparency, ensuring safe borders, upholding free speech, restoring trust in education through transparency, and standing for women’s rights. As supporters of the Hope Agenda, Morrisey and Moore promise to advance salient policy solutions that genuinely benefit women and all Americans.

In a ceremonial signing with Riley Gaines on April 24, 2024, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey signed IWV’s Hope Agenda Stand with Women Commitment promising to support legislation that preserves female opportunities and private spaces.” 

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey commented on his commitment signing saying, “Last night West Virginians made it clear that they want assurance that men won’t gain unfettered access to women’s spaces and sports, erasing decades of women’s rights progress. I was the only candidate in my race to sign Independent Women’s Voice’s Stand with Women commitment and reaffirm my commitment to upholding legislation that preserves female opportunities and private spaces. As West Virginia’s Governor, I will continue to fight tirelessly to ensure women aren’t subjects of sex discrimination.”

State Treasurer Riley Moore signed IWV’s full Hope Agenda on March 18, 2024 clearly outlining his commitment to restore hope to require real healthcare prices upfront, protect free speech, guarantee parents and students school transparency, ensure safe borders, and protect women’s spaces, safety and opportunities. 

State Treasurer Riley Moore said, “West Virginians want hope and I was proud to have signed the Hope Agenda from Independent Women’s Voice. It will ensure all West Virginians know where I stand on the issues that matter most to them. I’ll carry these principles forward in Congress and fight for them today and everyday. 

Independent Women’s Voice’s Ambassador Riley Gaines celebrated their commitments to IWV’s Hope Agenda, saying “By signing Independent Women’s Voices Hope Agenda commitments General Morrisey and State Treasurer Moore gave their constituents a clear roadmap of what values they stand for and what they will fight for in the offices they seek. Promising to uphold women’s rights, securing our border, protecting free speech, offering patients upfront, stoppable costs in healthcare, and ensuring parents have full transparency with what their kids are learning in school are issues that should not be controversial and are supported by more than 80% of Americans. I am proud of General Morrisey and State Treasurer Moore for being clear with their stance on these issues and encourage all candidates to make the same commitment”

Riley Gaines and Attorney General Morrisey penned a joint op-ed highlighting the need to protect women’s equal opportunity and single-sex spaces by signing IWV’s Stand With Women Commitment here.

The Hope Agenda offers leaders solutions on some of the most important issues that women, as well as Independents, Hispanics, and younger Americans, care deeply about and want addressed. Learn more about IWV’s Hope Agenda Commitments here.


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