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May 8, 2024

Dear Members of Congress, 

On behalf of Independent Women’s Voice, which fights to enhance people’s freedom, safety, and well-being, I commend the overwhelming bipartisan agreement on House Resolution 1143 (H.Res. 1143), sponsored by Representative Thomas Kean and co-sponsored by 45 other members. 

This resolution not only condemns last month’s unprecedented and unjustifiable drone and missile strikes by Iran on Israel but also affirms the unwavering support of the United States for our ally.

The bipartisan support for H. Res. 1143 underscores the commitment of the United States to uphold the principles of freedom and security, key pillars upon which our own nation was founded. 

Additionally, its commendation of allies like the United Kingdom, France, and Jordan, which worked alongside the U.S. to limit the damage from these attacks by intercepting Iranian missiles and drones, reflects the strength and effectiveness of U.S.-led international cooperation in the face of threats to peace and security.

Furthermore, this resolution calls for the full enforcement of U.S. sanctions and export controls against Iran. This is a critical step towards curbing Iran’s ability to fund and support terrorist activities through its proxies.

It also pledges support for Israel’s security, including through security assistance and defense sales, a profound declaration as Israel continues to wage war against Hamas. Tragically, this commitment currently stands in direct contrast to President Biden’s recent delay in the sale of precision weapons to Israel.    

Thank you, Representative Thomas Kean, for your leadership and commitment to “peace through strength.”

We urge the U.S. House to inquire into the delay of precision munitions to one of our closest allies; a policy that seems directed at inhibiting the ability of Israel to prosecute its war against Hamas. 


Meaghan Mobbs 

Director, Center for American Safety and Security (CASS)

Independent Women’s Voice