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May 15, 2024

Dear Members of Congress, 

I am writing to express my unequivocal support for the House “Israel Security Assistance Support Act.” This legislation is not only timely but essential, considering the challenges and geopolitical dynamics that currently impact one of our staunchest allies, Israel.

The recent decisions by the Biden administration to delay and withhold critical defense materials intended for Israel are deeply concerning. On May 9, 2024, it was publicly revealed that President Biden decided against supplying offensive weapons necessary for Israel’s operations in Rafah—actions crucial for dismantling Hamas, the last significant stronghold in Gaza. This decision coincides disturbingly with an attempt by the National Security Council to obscure these critical details from public and Congressional scrutiny, particularly around Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Pausing military aid is not unprecedented and can be a powerful foreign aid tool for the executive. However, when such maneuvers are steeped in political gamesmanship, not security concerns, it suggests a disconcerting willingness to use U.S. foreign assistance as a partisan cudgel at a time when clarity and direct support should define our actions.

As Israel continues to face unparalleled threats from the region, including ongoing attacks from Iran proxies and Hamas, Congress must act decisively. Moreover, American citizens are still being held as hostages by these terrorists. 

The “Israel Security Assistance Support Act” proposes necessary measures to ensure that all approved and appropriate defense aids are delivered to Israel promptly—without undue delay or political interference. By supporting this act, Congress will reaffirm the United States’ commitment to Israel’s right to defend itself and maintain regional stability.

Moreover, the American public deserves transparency regarding decisions that affect critical foreign policy and national security issues. The withholding of essential defense supplies from Israel, a key ally in a volatile region, should be subject to rigorous scrutiny and debate. Documents and justifications pertaining to these decisions must be made available to ensure accountable governance.

I urge you to support the swift passage of this act. Doing so will send a clear message: the United States stands firm in its commitments and does not waver when the safety and security of its allies are at stake.


Meaghan Mobbs 

Director, Center for American Safety and Security (CASS)

Independent Women’s Voice