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Save Our Schools

Stop the illegal rewrite of Title IX urge the administration to protect women’s spaces, parental rights, free speech, and due process of law. 

Stop the ‘Stealth Sterilization of Minors’ Act (S.B. 4557)

Democrats’ Right to Contraception Act (S.B. 4557), despite its name, is not about birth control. Contraception is not at risk. Contact your Senators and tell them: Vote NO on S.B. 4557.

Women’s Bill of Rights

Preserve biological sex as a distinct legal category.

Declare Our Energy Independence

Restore America’s innovative and environmentally-responsible energy sector so we don’t have to rely on Russia.

Tell USA Swimming: Keep Women’s Swimming Female

Allowing biological males to swim on women’s teams limits female swimmers’ opportunities. Tell USA Swimming to save women’s swimming. 

Inflation Storytelling

Government overspending and short-sighted economic policies have created unprecedented inflation. Share your story of how rising costs and supply shortages are impacting you.

Stop the Government Takeover of Child Care

Tell Your Senators: Don’t let the government take over day cares and preschools! Oppose the $1.75T spending bill.

Oppose Government Paid Leave Mandates

A sweeping, one-size-fits-all paid leave program will disrupt the employment contracts of all working Americans. Contact your members of Congress today.

Critical Race Theory Petition

Stop the indoctrination of students. Speak out against Critical Race Theory. Stand up for School Choice. Sign the petition.

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I am a huge advocate for school of choice. Lauren Education
My heart breaks for the students…at home just staring at a computer. Daniel Education
A mom and a dad know their child better than anyone else. Will Education
The strength of any charter school is that it has the ability to innovate. Joe Education
It is time that medical treatments whether from a Dr. or hospital be able to be Donna Price Transparency
They want you chained to the union. They want to make everyone a class of workers Jennifer Occupational Licensing
AB5 will not only disrupt my life, it will destroy my life. Sophia
My husband recently had kidney stones…  The poor guy suffered in agony for five days while Jennifer Price Transparency
For me, this isn’t about party lines. I’ve gone with other colleagues to speak with politicians Katerina
I am 100% in favor of price transparency for hospitals. Six years ago my husband had Cheryl Price Transparency
We need real price transparency now. My mother had a double mastectomy 2/8/2019, she still has Gavriela Price Transparency
Work is not a handout, but a hand up. We’re willing to work. Tanesha Occupational Licensing
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