IWVoice News Archive

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Supporting Gig Economy Liability Protections
July 31 2020

Democrats Blame Out-Of-State Guns for Chicago's Carnage, Not Gun Control or Anti-Police Policies
July 29 2020

Letter: IWV Supports the Health Care PRICE Transparency Act
July 23 2020

State Leaders Putting Control Over Common Sense With COVID-19 Decisions
July 22 2020

Vandals, Marxists, Antifa Lay Siege to Portland, While Dems Decry Federal Intervention
July 22 2020

Letter: IWV Supports the COVID-19 Dependent Care Flexible Spending Arrangement Rollover Act of 2020
July 21 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Opposing Most Favored Nation International Pricing Index Executive Order
July 21 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Supporting The Expiration Of The CARES Act
July 21 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Asking CMS to Withdraw Harmful Drug Rebate Regulation
July 20 2020

Letter: IWV Supports the INFORM Act
July 20 2020

#TammysTake: Cancel Culture Goes After Goya
July 20 2020

Cancel Culture Punishes Goya Foods Over Pro-Trump Remarks; Calls for Boycott Land With a Thud
July 15 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Urging Senators to Pass Healthcare Price Transparency in Phase IV Stimulus
July 14 2020

Marxist Mobs Sweep Into Cities, Call for Defunding of Police, Tear Down Statues and Create Havoc
July 8 2020

COVID-19 Shows Why Borders Are Necessary
July 6 2020

Trump Makes Punishing Leftist Anarchists for Desecrating Monuments a Priority
July 1 2020

Statement: Price Transparency Essential to Patient Empowerment
June 30 2020

Marxist-Anarchist Mobs Destroy Statues, Trample on History and Seek to Remove Trump
June 24 2020

Letter: Responding To The Coronavirus Crisis And Building A Stronger Health Sector For The Future
June 19 2020

IWV Letter of Support: Helping Gig Economy Workers Act of 2020
June 16 2020

What Women Want: Affordable, Shoppable Health Care And If Congress Listens, They Just Might Get It
June 15 2020

Democrats Exploit Well-Meaning Passions in Cities Seeking Relief
June 10 2020

Reforming Childcare Accounts Would Help Families
June 3 2020

The Left's Poisoning of the Educational Infrastructure
June 3 2020

IWV Letter of Support: COVID-19 Dependent Care Flexible Spending Arrangement Rollover Act of 2020
June 1 2020

'Mr. President, the Nation Needs to Hear From You'
May 31 2020

Joe Biden's 'You Ain't Black' Comment: The Scourge of the Left's Identity Politics
May 28 2020

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Careless Cruelty Shows in Coronavirus Nursing Home Policy
May 20 2020

IWV Joins Coalition Letter Supporting Parental Consent for Use of Newborn DNA in Research
May 19 2020

The Medicare Crisis Program Act is Bad for Patients, Workers, and Taxpayers
May 18 2020

Government Overreach and the Jailing of Shelley Luther
May 13 2020

IWV Joins Coalition Urging Congressional Leadership To Reject the Medicare Crisis Program Act
May 11 2020

We Need to Believe All Women • The Dom Giordano Program
May 7 2020

Coalition Letter Opposing Denial of Intellectual Property Rights of COVID-Fighting Innovators
May 7 2020

Joe Biden Exposes the Fraud of the #MeToo Movement
May 6 2020

Coalition Letter Of Support For RSC Budget Task Force
April 30 2020

The Negative Impact of Lockdown on Hospitals During the Pandemic
April 29 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Opposing Effort to Expand Durbin Amendment to Credit Cards
April 27 2020

Hypocritical Dems Ignore Biden Sexual Assault Allegations, but Embraced Kavanaugh Accuser
April 25 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Supporting Expanding 529 Accounts To Cover Learning-At-Home Costs Sparked by Coronavirus
April 23 2020

A Fascist Bridge Too Far: Americans Are Asked to Snitch on Each Other During Coronavirus Crisis
April 22 2020

Independent Women's Voice Leads Coalition Letter Opposing Inclusion of Highly Controversial VAWA in COVID-19 Aid Package
April 22 2020

IWV Joins Coalition Calling On the Heads of Governments And WHO Member States To Cease Funding The WHO
April 21 2020

Governors Taking Social Distancing to a Whole New Level • The Fox News Rundown Podcast
April 17 2020

What Are Politicians Willing to Do in the Era of Coronavirus? • Examining Politics Podcast
April 16 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Calling on Congress to Hold Hearings on the Failures of WHO in Addressing the Rise of COVID-19
April 15 2020

Pushing Back Against the Little Tyrants of the Coronavirus
April 15 2020

The Priority Is Getting States What They Need, Not What They Want
April 15 2020

Why Humanity Is Worth Saving and Why We Will Be Ok
April 8 2020

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Let’s Honor Survivors
April 6 2020

How Deadly Is the Coronavirus?
April 4 2020

Showing Respect in a Time of Lockdown Because of the Coronavirus Crisis
April 1 2020

Trump Appoints First Woman to Lead the National Counterterrorism Center
March 25 2020

Lessons From the Coronavirus Pandemic
March 18 2020

Blaming Donald Trump for the Coronavirus
March 11 2020

Letter: IWV Supports the Small Business Child Care Investment Act
March 6 2020

The False, Fear-Based Narratives That Drive Coronavirus Panic
March 5 2020

Bernie Sanders' Embrace of Castro and Socialism
February 26 2020

Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Applauding the CFO Vision Act
February 24 2020

Democrats Falling Into Quicksand Relying on Identity Politics and Victimhood • Varney & Co
February 21 2020

Democrats Are Filibustering on the Issues That Matter • The Story With Martha MacCullum
February 20 2020

Democratic Whining and Identity Politics
February 19 2020

Bloomberg Qualifies for First Debate, but Will He Do Well? • America's Newsroom
February 18 2020

The Democrats Might Not Like the Base of Their Party, but They Created It • Tucker Carlson Tonight
February 18 2020

Democrats Haven't Given Anyone a Reason to Vote for Them • Hannity
February 18 2020

Who Will Be the Candidate That Unifies the Democratic Party? • Varney & Company
February 17 2020

Standing Behind Millions of Dollars of Advertising, Bloomberg Has yet to Be Tested•Justice w Jeanine
February 15 2020

February Has Been an Awful Month for the Democrats • Fox & Friends
February 14 2020

Ironic That Democrats Return to HealthCare Framework After Affordable Care Act Debacle • Varney & Co
February 14 2020

Is the Media Really Trying to Be Objective? • Hannity Tonight
February 13 2020

Letter: Coalition Opposes the Equal Rights Amendment
February 12 2020

'Oscars 2020' Parades Hollywood's Contempt for Everyday Americans
February 12 2020

Overlooking and Underestimating 2020 Candidates • America's Newsroom
February 12 2020

Independent Women's Voice Lead Coalition Letter to Congress Opposes the Equal Rights Amendment
February 12 2020

Democrats Have Convinced Their Base to Think About Identity Politics • Tucker Carlson Tonight
February 11 2020

The Democratic Party Is Becoming Unrecognizable • Tucker Carlson Tonight
February 11 2020

Will the Democrats Be Unified Come the General Election? • America's Newsroom
February 11 2020

Is a Brokered Convention Bad News? • Fox & Friends
February 11 2020

Nancy Pelosi's Symbolic Speech RIP up Eclipsed the Official Democratic SOTU Response • Fox & Friends
February 9 2020

Democrats Create Artificial Framework to Gaslight the American Public • Hannity
February 7 2020

People Don't Go out to Vote Against Something, They Go out to Vote for It • Varney and Co.
February 7 2020

Trump Declares Victory After Impeachment Acquittal • Fox and Friends
February 7 2020

Coalition Letter: The Freedom from Government Competition Act (FFGCA)
February 6 2020

A Real Low Point for Classless Democrats • Tucker Carlson Tonight
February 5 2020

SOTU: A Story of Triumph for Trump but Not for the Democrats
February 5 2020

Letter: IWV Strongly Opposes the PRO Act
February 5 2020

What Will the Democratic Response Be to the State of the Union? • Tucker Carlson Tonight
February 4 2020

Limbaugh's Biggest Fight
February 4 2020

Impeachment Will Historically Damage the Democratic Party • Varney & Co.
January 31 2020

How Will the Impeachment Trial Impact the 2020 Senate Races? • The Story
January 30 2020

Biden's Age Might Be Catching up to Him Just Days Before the Iowa Caucus • Tucker Carlson Tonight
January 30 2020

CNN Outdoes Itself With Arrogant and Smug Ridicule of Trump Supporters
January 30 2020

CNN Anchor Don Lemon Mocks Half of the Country • Hannity
January 29 2020

Groundhog Day: Hillary Clinton Just Can't Let Go, Feels "Urge" to Run • Tucker Carlson Tonight
January 28 2020

Coalition Letter: The Physician Pro Bono Care Act, H.R. 856
January 27 2020

Hillary Clinton's Swipe at Bernie Sanders, What It's Doing to the Democratic Party • Varney & Company
January 23 2020

The Impeachment Trial in the Senate and What Is Going on in the 2020 Polls • America's Newsroom
January 23 2020

Gabbard's Important Statement: It's Not Ok for Hillary Clinton to Get Away w/ Defamation • Lou Dobbs
January 22 2020

Women's March shrinks to a mere 10K Trump haters who can't acknowledge the president's successes
January 22 2020

Conservatives Should Be Open to a Trial in the Senate
January 21 2020