The current Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) turns a blind eye to the serious threats posed to women and girls from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), child marriage, sex trafficking, and honor killings.

It’s unconscionable, considering that these are some of the worst forms of violence against women. Given the history and nature of these heinous, monstrous acts, victims and those at risk are most in need of our protection.

Unfortunately, many Americans do not realize that these practices are happening in our country right NOW. But they are. Just last year, a doctor in Michigan was charged with performing FGM on as many as 100 girls. And it’s estimated that up 513,000 girls could be at risk of FGM.

Politicians, unfortunately, are too busy playing politics to pass a comprehensive, modernized reauthorization of VAWA. Congress was supposed to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act almost a year ago… but didn’t. The current bill that passed the House simply does not do enough to protect women and girls from these violent practices, nor does it fix the serious accountability and transparency issues plaguing VAWA for too long.

Tell your senators to fix this. Political correctness should never take precedence over protecting women and girls, particularly when the consequences are women and girls being mutilated, raped, and murdered.

The Senate has the ability to take true violence against women seriously and create an innovative, aggressive VAWA that delivers the assistance survivors need and prevents future victimization, regardless of politics or the status quo.

Urge your senators to pass a real Violence Against Women Act that includes protection from FGM, child marriage, sex trafficking, and honor killings.