Senators Ernst, Johnson, and Cotton recently introduced S.742 to stop child marriage and abuse of our immigration system. It would prohibit those under 18 from using spousal and fiancé immigration benefits.

This bill was introduced after a Senate report revealed how a loophole in our immigration system had been exploited almost 9,000 times to facilitate child marriage. It is a tragic abuse of our visa system and a devastating violation of young girls’ basic human rights.

The majority of child marriages are forced marriages, almost always among young girls, and cause lasting harm. Everyone from the United Nations to Beyonce to the AHA Foundation has called for this practice to end. Now we are calling on you to act today and protect children from underage marriage.

No child should be robbed of their dignity, self worth, educational opportunities, and personal growth. It is critical that we act today to protect children from being exploited by these dangerous and damaging human rights violations.

Urge your senators to support S.742 and stop child marriage. Use the form to email, tweet, or call them today.