Are you wondering why energy prices seem to only go in one direction and that is up?! The Biden administration’s anti-energy policies are curbing domestic production, exposing U.S. markets to international instability, and hurting American’s pocketbooks.

There is one obvious way to fix these problems and that is by reversing course on Biden’s short-sighted and economically damaging war on American energy. The men and women who work in the U.S. coal, oil, and natural gas industries not only provide 80% of our daily energy needs, but also know how to extract, refine, and deliver our abundant energy resources to market via the safest and most efficient methods—to the benefit of our people and our planet!

It’s time for policymakers to unleash the U.S. energy industry. This will help the U.S. economy and hardworking American families.

Demand that the White House cease their war on U.S. energy and restore America’s innovative and environmentally-responsible energy sector. Sign the petition to make your voice heard.