The misnamed Equal Rights Amendment is not what you think it is. In 2021, American women and men are already legally equal. The 1970s-era ERA goes far beyond legal equality, requiring legal sameness. 

But “equal” doesn’t mean “same.” Treating males and females exactly the same—regardless of biology, privacy, or circumstances—hurts women and girls.  

It is urgent that you speak up now to stop the ERA from advancing. 

The ERA will backfire on women and girls. It will jeopardize a wide range of policies and programs designed to expand opportunities and support women and girls—such as grants for women in science, publicly funded women’s shelters, and sororities at public universities. 

What’s more, the ERA could prohibit single-sex prisons, restrooms, and dorm rooms at public universities. And it could require women to register for the military draft. 

Urge your senators to vote against the misnamed Equal Rights Amendment. Use the form to email, tweet, and/or call your senators today.

What to Say (Call Script)

Hi, my name is __________, and I live in ___________.

I am calling to encourage Senator __________ to vote AGAINST the misnamed Equal Rights Amendment. While the ERA may sound good, it is both unnecessary and harmful to women.

  • Women already are equal under the law.  
  • But “equal” doesn’t mean “the same.” The ERA will force men and women to be treated the same, regardless of biology or circumstances. 
  • The ERA will jeopardize any government policy or program that distinguishes between the sexes, such as separate male and female prisons.
  • Ignoring differences between the sexes will make women more vulnerable to harassment and violencenot less. 
  • The ERA will backfire on women, undermining policies and programs designed to support women, such as WIC and federal grants to increase the number of women in STEM fields.

Don’t ERAse women. Please vote against the harmful Equal Rights Amendment. Thank you for your time and service.

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