Thanks to education savings accounts (ESAs), eligible families with a K-12 student can choose the best educational option for their child. With ESAs, parents can elect to redirect a portion of the money that the state allocated for their child to the options that meet their needs — regardless of zip code or income. 

ESAs can be used for approved education expenses, including private school tuition, homeschooling, learning pods, tutoring, technology, and other educational services. Thousands of students are already benefiting from the flexibility and freedom these accounts provide. 

The ESA programs in Florida and Arizona serve over 100,000 students combined. These are some of the numbers. But that doesn’t tell us anything about the impact.

We need to hear from ESA moms and dads. How the availability of ESAs has impacted families. Have you been able to make different educational choices thanks to ESAs? Have you been able to access educational therapies and services for your child? What has that meant to your child? Your family? Has it taken the pressure off your family budget?