Immigration and border control aren’t just political issues: they are economic, national security, and public health issues. 

Immigrants bring important skills, labor and contributions to our economy and culture. Like any sovereign country, the U.S. must control immigration and give priority to the needs of both Americans citizens and legal immigrants. This starts with securing the southern border. 

The ongoing situation at the southern border is a crisis of epic and historic proportions. Illegal border-crossings are at a record high, children are being abandoned by smugglers, women and children are being victimized, people are losing their lives, criminal enterprises are flourishing, and health concerns abound — including a catastrophic spike in drug-related deaths of American citizens.

Getting a handle on this crisis should be the top priority for the current administration. This begins with securing our borders. 

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has made clear that they have no interest in discouraging illegal immigration and are only interested in the impact illegal immigration has on American communities, if those communities are in wealthy areas or dysfunctional cities in blue states.

Border towns and states have unfairly shouldered too much of the immediate and catastrophic fallout from porous borders and failed illegal immigration — though every American is affected by the harms of illegal drugs, including deadly fentanyl, and the human rights horrors of human trafficking which are outgrowths of our out-of-control border.  

Tell the Biden administration to act NOW. That this isn’t just a political game of chess to be played out in the media. American citizens of all political persuasions know that our uncontrolled, unsecured border is putting our country and our people at risk and is simply unfair to our citizens and to everyone who follows our immigration laws.  

Demand the Biden administration secure our border now.