Immigration and border control aren’t just economic or political issues: they are public health issues

There is absolutely NO reason why those entering the country illegally should face fewer barriers due to COVID than all U.S. and non-U.S. citizens entering legally.

Currently we have strict policies for those entering the United States (even U.S. citizens) legally via air travel. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) requires that all air passengers coming to the U.S. have a negative COVID-19 test or proof of recovery, as well as proof of vaccination for non-citizens.

Yet those seeking to enter our land borders — including those entering illegally — do not face these same requirements. 

In fact, the Biden administration is working to make it even easier for people to enter the United States by ending the use of Title 42, a measure that enabled border control to limit entry based on public health needs.  

If they do that, the already out-of-control problems at our border are about to get worse. Much worse. 

Ending Title 42 makes no sense. 

There is simply NO public health reason to impose greater restrictions on people entering the country via airplanes than on those entering on land. 

Demand the Biden administration applies all travel health requirements and COVID screening procedures to everyone equally and fairly, including those entering at our southern border.